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A/B Split Test

Send Only the Most Effective Emails

Keep your emails sharp with the A/B split test feature! Test your subject line, from name, content, CTA and sending time or day to optimize your opens, clicks and conversions. Only the best performing email will be sent to your subscribers.

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Create easily and test anything

The A/B split test allows you to easily create two email versions to find out which element performs the best for the test groups – then send it to the rest of your audience.

Mailigen A/B campaigns allow testing the most important email elements:

  • subject line
  • from name
  • email content and CTA
  • sending day and time

Set up preferences

Manage your A/B test campaign preferences quickly and easily:

  • choose the size of the test segments and split your email list with a quick slide
  • specify the test duration and when the winner will be sent to the remaining subscribers
  • decide your action in the case of inconclusive results, and whether to send the winner automatically or manually

Analyze results

Reports on the A/B test campaigns show the winning version and include full statistics for delivery, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribe differences between both email versions. Analyze the best performing emails to improve your further campaigns.

75% of strategic phase marketers use A/B split testing to learn about customer behavior and how best to reach them.

It’s easy to create an A/B test campaign with just a few clicks following the same steps as for regular campaigns. The only thing that changes is the result: your audience receives the best of two email versions and you get a higher ROI.

Start Your A/B split Test

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