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Direct Response Selling vs. Storytelling: Which Side Are You On?

As a marketer or entrepreneur, we know that in the end, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is; if you can’t sell it, you won’t survive. That’s the reason we study marketing and sales. We’re taught to follow certain rules: some feel good and others don’t. As an entrepreneur in the marketing […]

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Infographic: Towards the Mobile Future with Responsive Email Design

You know those people who check their email on their smartphones first thing in the morning? Well, this infographic is sort of about those people and how you can stay on their good side. That’s right, the seventh and final infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on mobile […]


Infographic: Viral Email Campaigns in the Social Media Era

Have you ever dreamed of having your email campaign go viral? These days, with the help of email marketing tools that are mindful of social media integration, the dream of viral email campaigning is not that far-fetched. The subject of the sixth infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 is […]


How an Apology Increased Our Email Open Rate by 50%

Email marketing is here to stay. As a marketing strategy many ‘experts’ have been predicting its downfall for the last few years, citing content marketing and social media as superior options. There’s no doubting the value of either of those two options, but with more than 91% of consumers checking their email at least once […]


Infographic: the Future of Email Content – Alive and Personal

Remember that time when an email made you feel that there’s at least someone (or…something?) paying attention? The most valued marketing emails are the ones that provide the right content at the right time. The fifth infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on how personalization and technologies are […]

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Why People Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Email Newsletters

You’ve been there yourself – sooner or later when visiting a company’s website, a sign-up form pops up, asking you to subscribe to an email newsletter. What will motivate you to do so? Take a moment to read some interesting insights on what drives people to subscribe and unsubscribe from email newsletters. The question of […]


Infographic: Visuals in Emails Are No Longer Static

What have been the best marketing emails you’ve received this year? Did they by any chance include stunning images? But what if those images moved… We’re dedicating the fourth infographic in our series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 to visuals in emails and exploring why including video and GIFs in emails is […]


Oh, The Places You Can Go: Email Design Trends Within Your Reach

You know how sometimes you look at an email design and think it’s nice but there’s nothing really ‘wow’ about it? You can’t expect sudden improvements in results if you keep on using the same old tricks over and over again. These email design trends can help you escape that hamster wheel and spice up […]

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