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Mailigen tips & news on email marketing best practices.

How engagement metrics affect your recipients deliverability

It’s been a while since email services provided by Google, Microsoft and others started affecting email sender’s deliverability by looking at recipient’s activity. Depending on your recipient’s interaction with your emails, the deliverability of your campaigns can be improved or impaired. It all starts with reputation. Is your domain reputation good? Do you use a good […]

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Email delivery tips

24 Expert Tips to Improve Your Email Delivery

Customers often ask why emails are not delivered, get blocked or land in the spam folder. There are several reasons why it happens. Very often the main problem is that the sender hasn’t taken care of his reputation and email quality. We are offering 24 valuable tips on how you can improve your email quality and sender […]


Procrastination is a killer. Don’t get lost in data!

Janis Rose, the Co-Founder of Mailigen, was a recent guest on B2B Nation. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice, is a podcast for B2B sales and marketers with expert opinions & advice on the most important topics in B2B sales and marketing today to help you evolve and push your strategy forward. In this […]


Direct Response Selling vs. Storytelling: Which Side Are You On?

As a marketer or entrepreneur, we know that in the end, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is; if you can’t sell it, you won’t survive. That’s the reason we study marketing and sales. We’re taught to follow certain rules: some feel good and others don’t. As an entrepreneur in the marketing […]


Start Your Engines – 2015 Holiday Email

Have you started planning your holiday marketing campaigns? The National Retail Federation is forecasting that this year’s online sales will increase by between 6 and 8 percent, to as much as $105 billion. During the holidays, buyers are bombarded with messages, so get started in planning your strategies for the hectic holiday season. Here are […]


Five Ways to Get Creative with Content Marketing

Your audience is smart. They believe that they have seen it all and know it all, and it is your job to prove that there is something in your content portfolio that is new to them. Those who present new and relevant information get the most attention. The question is how do you do this? […]


Infographic: Towards the Mobile Future with Responsive Email Design

You know those people who check their email on their smartphones first thing in the morning? Well, this infographic is sort of about those people and how you can stay on their good side. That’s right, the seventh and final infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on mobile […]


Infographic: Viral Email Campaigns in the Social Media Era

Have you ever dreamed of having your email campaign go viral? These days, with the help of email marketing tools that are mindful of social media integration, the dream of viral email campaigning is not that far-fetched. The subject of the sixth infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 is […]

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