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7 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2012

New year, new blog posts. As always, we’ll continue to write about new email marketing tips. So don’t miss out on the fresh content coming in 2013!

Before we kick-start with new entries, let’s have a look at the most popular, shared and read articles in 2012. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, we are inviting you to read (or reread) them and take away the best for this year’s email marketing.

1. The Anatomy of An Email Newsletter: Is Your Email Ready to Send? [INFOGRAPH]

Absolute last year’s leader is our infograph The anatomy of an email newsletter. And we still wonder if we live in a visual world? Here you will find great tips on how to create a successful newsletter starting from effective subject line and call to action. Tips for social sharing buttons and image preferences. Plus, great advice for email marketing mix with mobile and social media marketing.

Last year, we had interviews with some of the world’s greatest email marketing experts. Undoubtedly, they all got in our TOP.

2. Playing Nine Questions with Email Marketing Expert Scott Hardigree

Question & answer series with Scott Hardigree tells you in depth about email design, mobile email and mobile email look. As well, Scott reveals how to incorporate emotional selling into email campaigns in times when value selling is decreasing but emotional – increasing.

3. The Stark Truth about Email Marketing: Exiled Englishman Mark Brownlow Reveals All

Interview with Mark Brownlow is a must-read for all marketers looking to improve their ROI. Tips for beginners, tricks for professionals and common mistakes of everybody. Moreover, at the beginning of 2012, he predicted trends for 2013. Have they come true?

4. Nine Questions about Email Marketing You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Tamara Gielen

Answers of Tamara Gielen reveal what should email campaigns look like to catch the eye of the smartest email reader. And if you are an old-school marketing professional, be prepared to change your strategy forever after reading the interview.

5. Welcome to Our New Website, We Hope You Like It!

Last but not least in our TOP 5 is the blog post announcing Mailigen redesign. If you’ve not yet explored our new look, take a minute now, as we have considerably enriched our Features and Solutions.

6. Seven tips for saving time with email marketing automation

If you are one of the marketers who feels lack of time to perform email marketing activities, then these 7 tips to save time with email marketing automation is just right for you. Shortly about segmentation, dynamic content, autoresponders, scheduling, follow up email and much more.

7. Three ways to drive results with email + SMS

With the growth of smartphones, mobile marketing is also growing, including SMS function. Look through these 3 email + SMS strategies. When email and SMS communicate one message, when email and SMS differ and when email interacts with SMS.

Great thanks to all our blog readers! If you didn’t know, we do all this for you. So if you have any preferences regarding articles, do not hesitate to contact me, blog editor, at

7 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2012
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