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Add Mailigen sign-up form to Company’s Facebook page

Newsletter sign-up form in company’s website or blog is a good way to attract new subscribers and expand your email list effectively. However, company’s website or blog is not the only place where Mailigen sign-up form can be added.

Company’s newsletter sign-up form can also be put in one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Therefore, signing-up is no more static process, but dynamic one, as it can be positively influenced by friends, relatives and all those already following your news on Facebook Fan page.

There are two ways how to add Mailigen web sign-up form on Facebook page: by using one of Facebook HTML applications or by using Mailigen API (what is Mailigen API?) linking it with specially developed application that allows collecting user’s email and save it in Mailigen data base.

Facebook HTML applications

To add sign-up form on Company’s Facebook page, you will need application that allow to paste HTML code in Company’s Facebook page. One of the most popular applications for this task is Static HTML: iframe tabs. Besides, it has several versions that allow creating other icons for menu, adding additional sections etc. Once the application has been added, all you need is to paste in embed HTML code of Mailigen sign-up form, and the new sign-up form on Facebook ‘Like’ page is finished.

Adding Static HTML application

1. To activate the application, go to Facebook application page and activate it by clicking ‘Add Static HTML to a page’.

2. In the next step, you will see a window where you can choose the Facebook ‘Like’ page for which the application is made.

Facebook Sign-up Form

3. After the application has been added to the page, you will be redirected to the Company’s Facebook page with already opened section with fields to paste the code of sign-up form in them. There will be two text fields for the code: the first one will be visible only to those following company’s news on Facebook, the other one – for those not following yet.

Facebook Sign-up Form

To receive the code of Mailigen sign-up form, you have to enter Mailigen system, open the list which the sign-up form will be linked with, and then open the section ‘Sign-up forms’. In this section, you can add new data fields and change the design, by choosing ‘HTML embed code’ in submenu, a section with sign-up form HTML will open, you should copy/paste the code in Facebook page fields.

Facebook Sign-up Form

4. Once the sign-up form has been added, the only thing you need is just to change the menu text from the original to, for example, “Email newsletter”. To perform this change, go to application section in Facebook page settings. In Static HTML application, there will be link ‘Edit’. Click on it, and you will be able to change application settings, i.e., change the text of section.

Adding sign-up form with Mailigen API

Adding Mailigen sign-up form with HTML application is one of the simplest ways how to do this without any previous knowledge in web development. If you have some knowledge in web design and HTML, you will be able to create a unique functionality for the sign-up form.

More creative solution, however, would be to add signing-up option to an interesting Facebook application or game; for example, to use an application or to start playing a game, it is obligatory to sign up for company’s newsletter. Use this opportunity by linking Mailigen API with Facebook application.

Mailigen API offers more

Moreover, with Mailigen API you can do much more than getting new contacts. If it is a game, you can send the results to an email. If it is an online store, you can send a bill, you can perform categorized segmentation, or send special offers considering the made purchases. Similarly, it is possible to relate a user with the concrete application, for example, you can spread a notice with game results, in this way creating a virus-like information that would attract more and more new application users and of course new contacts for your email marketing campaigns.

If you want to know more about Mailigen integration with Facebook or use Mailigen API in any of your projects, contact with us, and our support team and programmers will help you to realize your ideas.

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