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Attract More Customers with Relevant Email Newsletter

Targeting is key for a relevant email newsletter.

Are you targeting your customers if you send your default, non relevant newsletter to every single subscriber?

No, you aren’t. But targeting is good for business–and, sadly, the opposite is true too.Targeted and relevant newsletter

By sending irrelevant newsletters you risk with opt-outs, waste money and the client’s time; furthermore, you also communicate lack of thought about the client and his needs. And the clients like when you think about them and their needs. That’s why relevant newsletters are so powerful–because, when seeing relevant advertisements, the client senses that you have at least some idea of what he likes or dislikes.

To create a relevant email newsletter where you advertise products, you must first have some knowledge about your customers, or they most likely won’t like your advertisements.

You can acquire useful information from clients when they register;

  • through surveys sent to new users;
  • and through monitoring user activity (which email newsletters were opened the most, after what events the users unsubscribe, etc) and spending habits.

For example, if there are many unsubscribes after a certain campaign, maybe it doesn’t interest the female part of your audience; or maybe you are trying to sell sun cream to residents of Canada? You also wouldn’t want to offer table games to people that buy first person shooters.

After you’ve concluded that you know enough about the specific group of users, segment those users and send them only relevant newsletters from now on – newsletters with relevant information that should interest them. The clients will love it, and you’ll stop worrying about opt-outs that might have been prevented. In fact, most of the clients who see targeted advertisements don’t mind, simply because these advertisements are about something that interests them.

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