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We Have Integrated With provides large and small organizations the ability to share documents and engage stakeholders and leads. They help companies and individuals find ways to build brand awareness, generate new revenue sources and increase revenue by reaching even more people. Edcor connects people with companies they may otherwise not be able to reach on their own. […]

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Mailigen affiliate program

Managing and Delivering Your Advertising

Advertising for Mailigen on your site is easy. Here are some of the resources available to you! Banner Ads and Icons You can use banner ads, icons, and more all with your unique affiliate link. Those web users who come to Mailigen through your site are tracked and if they end up purchasing, you get […]

Mailigen Zapier Integration

Announcing our Zapier Integration

Mailigen got even easier to use today. We are pleased to announce Mailigen is now part of the Zapier Developer Platform. Integrating with Zapier allows you to push your account data in and out of more than 60 different online services. Using Zapier, you can choose how Mailigen communicates with your online footprint. Why Zapier? […]

Affiliate marketing

Earn Money from Your Content

As part of the Mailigen affiliate program, you can earn extra cash from the content you already create on your website. It is easy to sign up and you gain the advantage of having a reputable email marketing company on your site. One way to retain traffic on your site while installing a call to […]

Scott Hardigree

Playing Nine Questions with Email Marketing Expert Scott Hardigree

In our ongoing series checking in with email marketing experts blazing new trails, we had the opportunity to chat with Scott Hardigree*. Scott is the CEO of the email marketing agency Indiemark, a company founded by email marketing veterans dedicated to building on insights and passion for email marketing. Scott was so insightful and candid, […]


Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can increase your customer base and improve your online business presence. But entering the affiliate marketing realm for the first time can feel like hard work and it takes time to navigate. If you know the best practices, you can be sure that your Mailigen ad will attract the most traffic. Best Practice […]


Mailigen Invests In New Products and Services

Mailigen has recently invested in technical feature enhancements to deliver improved platform performance and increase customer satisfaction. The company has created a second data center, doubled their application power by increasing their app server capability and load balancing and increased infrastructure uptime to 99.9%. Additionally, Mailigen has improved their backup capabilities and databased replication system […]


12 Ways to Strengthen Your Call to Action

Think of the elusive call to action as a lead-generation gateway. Creating a great call to action can be tricky, however. Clearly identifying what you offer and how you want to convey that offer requires thoughtful consideration and good timing. Here are 12 tips for optimizing your calls to action to ensure they compel potential […]

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