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Exit Intent: Your Foot in the Door for a Long-Term Relationship with Visitors

Online retailers understand that while a one-time customer is great, long-term clients are a company’s bread and butter. Maintaining satisfactory company-customer relationships is the key to creating a sustainable, successful business. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that the majority of visitors leave a site without ever making a purchase. Sites with high bounce rates know the struggle […]

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Personalized Emails

How to Create Personalized Emails

Personalized emails corresponding to your recipients’ needs and interests will bring you happier customers and better business results. During Mailigen Summer Lab, our email marketing expert Kriss Boritis shared with us his skill set on how to personalize email campaigns. Personalized email marketing campaigns have better average email open rates, email click through rates and […]

Filter your contacts

Segment Your Lists by Email Opens and Clicks

We at Mailigen have launched a new feature allowing to segment contact lists by opens and clicks. Now with our action based segmentation you can perform even more targeted email marketing! Segmentation is one of the greatest features that allows you to split the database into particular groups and send relevant content to each of […]

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How to Keep Track of Email Subscriber Sign-up Form Source

Email marketers know that web form is the best way to collect new subscribers for email marketing campaigns. Web forms can be posted in various online resources. You can place them not only in your homepage but also in a blog, social networks, special landing pages. If you are using numerous sign-up forms, it’s good […]


Care about email list quality, not quantity. How to increase the value of your email list?

When you start doing email marketing, what are you proud of? I would guess, you like to see your email list is growing bigger and bigger. But after some time, you have to return to the question – does your email list size matter? Generally no. Quality certainly does. Ask yourself one very important question, […]


Add Mailigen sign-up form to Company’s Facebook page

Company’s newsletter sign-up form can also be put in one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Therefore, signing-up is no more static process, but dynamic one, as it can be positively influenced by friends, relatives and all those already following your news on Facebook Fan page.


MarketingSherpa on the most effective email list growth tactics

This week’s chart from MarketingSherpa shows the results of a survey given to 1,100 email marketers on the most effective means of acquiring new subscribers. The survey deals with email growth tactics and their effectiveness, and, although the results are by no means surprising, we can extract very valuable information from this chart.


Reengage Your Inactive Subscribers to Improve Email Deliverability

Inactive subscribers are not “neutral” anymore. They can harm your business directly. Besides, reengaging email subscribers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Actually it is 4-8 times cheaper depending on your products.

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