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Inactive Subscribers: If They don’t Do Anything, it’s OK to Email Them, Right?I

If the subscribers aren’t responding to your emails (not reading or clicking through them), is it okay to email them? The short answer is no, because email marketing is a two-way conversation, and emailing to disinterested customers is everything but one-way communication.


Email list hygiene – definitely worth it

Email list cleaning is a process that you will need to do regularly. However, if sending email costs virtually nothing, why should we clean our email marketing lists in the first place?


Email List Building Tactics

The techniques and the small tricks you’ve been mastering, however, are fruitless without any subscribers. Luckily, email list building isn’t that hard once you know the basics.


Email list rental vs buying third party lists

Have you ever thought about how good it would be if you could simply buy a list of client e-mail addresses in a click? I hope you haven’t, because it is not worth it. Unless you meant renting the list – email list rental is a pretty common practice. The difference between the two (list […]


Email List Targeting and Segmentation

List segmentation is nothing new for making your conversions easier and more frequent through targeted marketing. Email is relatively new, though, and now is the perfect time to use the extensive segmentation options that modern technologies provide. You should try and target your userbase right from the start. Include additional questions in the subscription form, […]


Working with email lists (part 1)

There’s constantly growing number of companies right now which are using effectively the global network as their marketing tool. Market is constantly supplemented with e-mail address list dealers thus making the demand of these lists increase fast. There are many ways to create an e-mail address list without assistance. One way is to offer client […]


4 Deadliest Mistakes Email Marketers Make When Gathering Subscribers

If you have decided to start driving traffic to your web to try and get email subscribers, you must first sort out your web to actually have visitors become interested in your newsletter. There are some particular patterns (or traps, so to say) that email marketing beginners often follow, only to see their efforts fail […]

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