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Email List Targeting and Segmentation

List segmentation is nothing new for making your conversions easier and more frequent through targeted marketing. Email is relatively new, though, and now is the perfect time to use the extensive segmentation options that modern technologies provide.

You should try and target your userbase right from the start. Include additional questions in the subscription form, such as the subscriber’s location, interests, what products they’re interested in, et cetera. Furthermore, if your platform allows it, you can create an unique code for each subscriber – a code that you include in the subscription confirmation email -, and then see his browsing data neatly sorted (browsing data – what products has that single subscriber recently looked at, what pages has he seen, et cetera) in a database.

Once you have subscribers, keep track of their recent purchases. What relevant products could they be interested in? Why would they want to return to your company after they’ve made a purchase? Answer those questions, and you’ll know whether or not should you email them after they’ve made a purchase.

The choices are really endless when you segment your list. For example, you can test how well your newsletters work by sending one version of your newsletter to half of your subscribers, and sending the other version to the other half. From the interactive data you can clearly see which version got more response. With the modern technologies, you can really release your inner marketing professional!

Targeted marketing is good marketing, and everyone knows it, because it simply generates more sales than other marketing methods, but the sales are not all. You can also save bandwidth by sending email only to targeted customers, and don’t disturb clients that wouldn’t want to receive offers irrelevant to their interests or location.

Email List Targeting and Segmentation
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