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Holy Trinity That Ensures Your Email Gets Opened

This year, the magic numbers are 22–23%! This is the average email open rate in email marketing. However, keep in mind that this also varies by industry. The great thing is that “average” is the midway between the best and the worst. If you want to be on the winning side, this post is for […]

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NEW: Device, Browser and Geo Location Reporting

We’re happy to introduce to you the upgraded Mailigen reports. In our new and improved campaign reports, you will find information about the device, browser and geo location of your campaign recipients. In the new Mailigen reports, you can track how many of your subscribers have opened and clicked your email campaign on desktop and […]


MarketingSherpa on the most effective email list growth tactics

This week’s chart from MarketingSherpa shows the results of a survey given to 1,100 email marketers on the most effective means of acquiring new subscribers. The survey deals with email growth tactics and their effectiveness, and, although the results are by no means surprising, we can extract very valuable information from this chart.


Testing Email Elements to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

In the series of charts about email marketing, this week we are looking at different elements of emails that are tested the most. Over 1,400 industry marketers have provided their input to identify which email elements they are or will be testing, in order to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. As we […]


Email Newsletter Response Rates

In the chart below you can see how B2B email newsletters perform against B2C newsletters in open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. Almost 1,500 marketers have provided their input in determining the numbers below, and they found that email newsletters usually contain more links to information and offers than non-newsletter emails. Because of this […]

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