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Kickstart Email Marketing with Epic Free Account up to 5,000 Subscribers

We have launched a new product to help kickstart new businesses or existing ones that are new to email marketing. Epic Free email marketing account allows you to grow database up to 5,000 subscribers and use email marketing for free forever.

A new business is born every 5 seconds in U.S. according to the Startup Ecosytem Report 2012 by Startup Genome. 45% of them last only 6 months before closing their doors. And only 1 in 12 businesses succeed and stay in the market. 20% of startups fail because of improperly organized or lack of marketing activities. That’s why we are here to offer free email marketing to startups. If you are one of them, take a chance!

How does it work?

With Epic Free email marketing account, you are able to send and track email marketing campaigns to contact lists that are built using Mailigen sign-up forms. You can create a free sign up form and insert it in your webpage, blog or gather subscribers via social media. But you cannot import previously collected database. All the standard email marketing features will be available for your freshly created database up to 5,000 contacts for free forever. The new product offering such a large number of free subscribers is the one of its kind in the world’s marketing arena!

Who is it for?

Our initiative to offer free email marketing was born in order to kickstart new businesses. Epic Free account is focused on and will be useful for startups, small and medium companies, business incubators, accelerators, individual bloggers, group buying sites, companies developing apps and others.

We asked also an expert for which marketers or industries Epic Free would be especially interesting. Chris Donald, email marketing expert and CEO/strategist at Inbox Group states,

“Any small businesses just starting off with email marketing will find this attractive. Startups for sure could take advantage of this as could many smaller non-profits and charities. As well collecting double opt-in database from the very beginning can help by having a cleaner list, less bad email addresses, wrong addresses and less spam complaints early on.”

Several world known business incubators are supporting this cause and are offering Mailigen’s free email marketing account in the bundle of startup tool-kit.

How to get started?

If you are new to email marketing, sign up for Mailigen 30 day free trial account. When upgrading your account, choose Epic Free within other monthly plans. As a user of Epic Free plan, you cannot manually add any contacts. To build a contact list, you have to use web sign up forms. Go to Contacts and choose Web Signup Forms. Here you can create your own sign up form to start collecting database and then perform free email marketing.

If you need our assistance in creating web sign up forms or collecting database, contact our team anytime. Please share our great news with your friends and colleagues!

Kickstart Email Marketing with Epic Free Account up to 5,000 Subscribers
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  • Justine

    This is incredible guys. Thanks for the amazing opportunity.

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