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Case study: Grow your database by adding a sign up to newsletter button in your emails

Creating a sign up form and growing the contact database are the first steps in email marketing. What if growth step is missing? The Consulting and Training Center of the Association of Commercial Banks used to send email marketing campaigns to their existing database for years. Recently they nearly doubled their database just by adding a sign up to newsletter button in their email campaigns.

Hope for newsletters to be forwarded

The database of the Consulting and Training Center consists primarily of bank contacts. So far, they communicated mostly with general inquiry departments of the banks. This way, the database does not grow but remains small and limited by the number of banks within one country.

In another situation, it might be enough that newsletters are received by a single representative of a company, for example, a General Manager. But in this case, the information about the training courses is useful for many of the banks employees. Received by info department, the newsletter may or may not be forwarded to other departments. So the main communication problem of the center was lack of such information and relying on chance that newsletters will be forwarded.

Add a sign up and a forward buttons

The Consulting and Training Center was advised by our team to use professional email marketing tools instead of sending newsletters manually. Cooperation with Mailigen started with a consultation during which the Center learned about including surveys, sign up and forward links in newsletters and decided to create a new email design.

“Our mission was to solve the problem that newsletters were received by info departments but then not forwarded to others. We included a clear call to action as sign up to newsletters button in the email template, so that all interested recipients are able to subscribe for news and no longer have to rely on someone forwarding the letters. Forwarding would certainly continue, so we offered an additional solution – we included a forward to friend link in the template to get exact data on who forwards what and how often,” says Kriss Boritis, Mailigen Account Manager.

Mailigen web designers created a new email template where a sign up to newsletters button and a forward link was built in. The email template was also integrated with social networks, as well as a quick survey feature, thus providing the Center with feedback from their target audience.

Database increased by 73% after the first campaign

As a result, the database increased by 73%. The newsletter was sent to the same contacts who forwarded it to other departments before but this time, the colleagues had an opportunity to sign up for news with their direct email addresses.

“What we appreciate the most is that now we are able to track recipients activities – who has received, opened and who has forwarded the email newsletter. There’s no need to do guesswork on how many people actually read about our courses and what they think about them. Now we are able to collect feedback through online surveys,” says Girts Ozolins, Executive Director of the Consulting and Training Center.

After the second campaign, the database increased by additional 12%, and it continues to grow with each campaign. The new email design brought other good changes. Open rate increased by 8%, click through rate – by 39%.

Thanks to the Consulting and Training Center for sharing their experience! If you also look for a strategy development or a new email template, please contact our team. But if you already have your own success story, contact us to and we’ll share it with others.

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