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How to Determine Channels That Bring in Most Subscribers

If email marketing is one of the main sales and communication instruments of your company, then you probably already have a sign-up form on your webpage which allows people to subscribe for your newsletter.

Subscriptions allow you to build a database. As more and more people sign up, you may need to know through which communication channels subscribers come. Is it organic search? Google AdWords? Social media? Or blog links posted in other resources? It is important to answer this question in order to let you understand which communication channels are the most effective in attracting new potential customers. As well, you may also need this information to decide which channels to spend your marketing budget on.

This article will explain how Google Analytics can help you determine these channels. Just follow these few easy steps.

1. Adding a tracking code to the Subscribe button

First you need to modify html code for the Subscribe button of your sign-up form.

An additional tracking code needs to be added to the existing code of the Subscribe button. You can create such code by yourself. There are several ways to do it. One of the simplest options is to create this code automatically through the website It is important to remember to specify at least Category and Action. In our example that could be Registration (category) and Left Mail (action).

The additional code will look like this:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘Registration’, ‘Left Mail’,,, false]);”

This code needs to be added to the Subscribe button code. Subscribe button code before adding a tracking code:

This is what your Subscribe button code will look like after adding a tracking code:

2. Setting a Goal in Google Analytics account

After the tracking code has been added, you need to set a Goal in your Google Analytics account. To do that you must be an administrator of your Google Analytics account. To create a Goal, go to the Admin tab and then select Goals tab.

In Goals tab you need to select Event as a type of Goal and specify Category and Action (please see below). They need to precisely match the names you used in creating an additional tracking code. In our example:

  1. Category name Registration
  2. Action name Left Mail

Save the information you just entered. Now Goal has been set correctly and you can analyze data through standard reports such as Conversions or Customized reports.

About the author

Dr. Sergejs Volvenkins is a leading internet marketing expert of a full service internet marketing agency, a certified Google AdWords specialist and a Google Analytics expert.

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