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How to Keep Track of Email Subscriber Sign-up Form Source

Email marketers know that web form is the best way to collect new subscribers for email marketing campaigns. Web forms can be posted in various online resources. You can place them not only in your homepage but also in a blog, social networks, special landing pages. If you are using numerous sign-up forms, it’s good to know through which web form each subscriber has joined your list.

To keep track of which particular web form was used to sign up for your updates, you have to do some small changes to your web signup form code. A step-by-step instructions are given below.

1. Firstly, before creating a web signup form, you will need to create a unique data field within your Mailigen contact list where you will store custom field value to identify the placement of the form. You can create a field by clicking „edit contact fields” link under the list options in the contacts menu. Create a new field and enter „Subscription source” as a title of label and merge tag. The new field will keep information about the form through which the subscriber has come.

2. In the web signup form section select HTML embed code of the web form, leave all the fields you need for your web form, including the field where the value of subscription source will be entered.

3. Copy the code to your blog (for example, WordPress) or your website, but before publishing, make all the necessary changes in the HTML code that are shown below.

Find the following part in your HTML code:

And make the following changes marked in red below:

In the example above, “myblog” is the value where you can insert your own descriptive form source name. It could be your homepage or social network like Facebook, Linkedin etc. The line style=”display:none;” will hide both the name of the signup form field and the input field itself.

As a result, the field with information about subscription source will not be visible to the user, but when he signs up for news, the information with the form source will be added to the contact’s information.

Below you can see how Ernests has subscribed for news via our blog sign up form. As a result in the Mailigen contact list you can see that the subscription source is „myblog”. If you have multiple placements of your web form, the subscribers from different forms will then show the corresponding source e.g. Facebook, landing page or any other sources you have defined.

Afterwards you can segment your contact list by subscription sources and send individual campaigns taking into account where subscribers have come from.

If you wish to track and analyze new subscriber source, but need some help, please, contact our team. Moreover, our designers at Mailigen will be happy to create a brand new design for your sign-up form!

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