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Infographic: Segmented Emails Is What The Future Holds

Starting to draw up your email marketing strategy for 2016? Great timing! Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of infographics with helpful email marketing rules for 2016. To get this process rolling, the first infographic is dedicated to the virtues of segmented emails.

Our understanding of an effective email is constantly changing and adapting to tech developments, as well as to our understanding of human behavior. In the past, broadcast emails – emails aimed at everyone and no one in particular – had been useful; today, however, they no longer deliver.

Segmented emails are taking over. Segmented emails are tailored to specific customer characteristics, behaviors or stages in the customer lifecycle and provide the recipient with relevant and useful information. Therefore, as data show, segmented emails are better received and show better results. Check out this infographic to see just what a difference segmented emails can make to your email marketing performance in 2016!


Segmented emails


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