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Interview with Reed Gusmus of QASymphony

Interview with Reed Gusmus

1. Can you please shortly tell us about your company and the services you provide?

At QASymphony, our principal focus is on providing clients with exceptional software testing, QA, and test case management tools designed specifically for use within the Agile process. As director of marketing, it is my responsibility to help prospective clients understand how our test management tools foster greater levels of collaboration while also increasing the overall speed and efficiency of the software testing lifecycle.

2. What are the primary tools in your marketing strategy? What percentage of your marketing budget is reserved for email marketing?

When developing a marketing campaign strategy, I believe it is of the utmost importance to strike a balance that incorporates a creative mindset along with a more analytical, data-driven mindset. Each marketing campaign is unique and therefore requires different tools and strategies, but I frequently rely on content marketing, email, display, lead generation, PPC, retargeting, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing campaigns.

As for my marketing budget and the percent reserved for email marketing, I prefer to allocate funds based on the needs of each individual marketing campaign. There are often situations in which email marketing strategies represent a sizable percentage of our marketing budget, just as there are other circumstances in which it is more appropriate to reduce our budgetary allocation for email marketing strategies in favor of a different approach.

3. Do you have a dedicated email marketing specialist? If not, who performs your email marketing tasks?

QASymphony has always emphasized a collaborative work environment, so there may be instances in which we designate a dedicated email marketing specialist for a specific marketing campaign, otherwise, we simply divide the responsibilities among team members according to the individual situation or circumstance.

4. Do you categorize your email campaigns as in Welcome, Upselling, Re-engagement and other? Do you use email marketing automation?

Yes, we do categorize our email marketing campaigns and sometimes incorporate additional categories on an as-needed basis. We also rely on the strategic use of email marketing automation tools in some circumstances, which has been instrumental in the success we’ve experienced in terms of lead generation, pipeline development, and revenue growth.

5. Do you nurture leads based on different stages of their customer lifecycle?

Yes, in order to be effective in nurturing leads I believe it is important to differentiate the approach utilized during the different stages of the customer lifecycle.

6. Do you see your sales and customer communication results improving thanks to email marketing? Could you please share some stats or metrics that have improved?

Due to our strategic use of email marketing strategies, yes, we have experienced improved results in terms of customer and sales communication. My professional role requires that I work closely with our sales team, and it is quite evident that email marketing has helped us achieve marked improvements in sales and customer communication results.

7. Can you please share your biggest mistake and your greatest win that taught you a lot about email marketing?

In order to be effective over the long term, you have to understand how incorporating a nuanced or understated approach in your email marketing strategy influences the trust one associates with a particular brand. It’s easy to generate immediate results through email marketing, but a short-term victory could just as easily turn into a long-term loss. I learned this lesson early in my career, and the results I’ve achieved since shifting to a more understated, nuanced approach is more than enough proof of the value of favoring such an approach.

8. What is the biggest email marketing challenge for you as a B2B business executive?

We’re looking to build long-term B2B relationships built on trust, so developing an email marketing campaign that reflects this goal is always going to be something of a challenge.

9. Do you believe that email marketing pays off for every business? Why so?

As a strategy, email marketing offers obvious benefits — but only when utilized properly. It is therefore simply a matter of each individual business determining an ideal method for incorporating email marketing into an overarching marketing campaign.

Reed Gusmus is the Director of Marketing of QASymphony, a provider of test case management and exploratory testing software that helps companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency, and collaboration during the testing lifecycle.

Interview with Reed Gusmus of QASymphony
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