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Mailigen New Drag’n’Drop Email Template Editor

Now it is much easier and faster to create and send email newsletters via the new Mailigen email template editor. All the functions of the new Drag’n’Drop editor are made to simplify and enhance your experience building and delivering email marketing campaigns. To help you save time, we have created a simple method for moving content blocks and simple editing options.

We’ve been working on the new Mailigen Drag’n’Drop editor for a while and recently some of our clients were given an opportunity to try the new editor while it was still being tested. We are excited to launching it and make it available to all our users.

Benefits of the new Mailigen Drag’n’Drop template editor:

  • Our intuitive navigation and group-divided functions make template editing more practical and allow you to apply changes in a short period of time
  • There is no need for specific HTML knowledge to modify your templates
  • Your content is divided into blocks that are easy-to-move, copy and delete
  • We’ve adapted the already existing templates in Mailigen allowing you to create emails faster than ever before
  • Makes each campaign not only automated, but also individual and interactive with opportunities offered by the new Mailigen: email personalization, social media integration, dynamic content and RSS.

Unlike the previous WYSIWYG editor, the new Drag’n’Drop editor has many innovative functions that make the platform more easy to use.

New functions of Mailigen Drag’n’Dropemail template editor:

  • dynamic toolbar
  • email template frame formatting
  • basic formatting that can be applied to entire email
  • drag and drop method to move content blocks
  • drag and drop method to insert images
  • other worthy functions that simplify process of creating and editing templates

Check out these new capabilities of the Mailigen Drag’n’Drop template editor.

Dynamic toolbar

The Mailigen Drag’n’Drop email template editor is always in your view, so it is available if you use the scrollbar to edit the middle or the bottom part of the email. We’ve made it possible for the toolbar to be constantly in full access. When the bottom part is being edited, the toolbar freezes on the top of the browsing window and remains accessible while editing other template parts.

Dynamic toolbar

Email frame formatting

Usually email templates are created in a constant size. And therefore each template consists of an external background (template’s frame) and internal content part.

Mailigen’s Drag’n’Drop functional menu allows you to format both external and internal parts of the template. It is possible to impose internal or external indentations, choose horizontal positioning or insert a frame to distinguish the content.

Email message formatting

Default formatting that can be applied to entire email

It is very important to be able to format the entire email text font type, size or color easily. While using the previous editor, it was not easy and you had to struggleto format the entire text without repeating formatting again and again. Sure, there was always a possibility to define the style of the email using HTML code but unfortunately not all email programs are able to support pre-defined CSS style. So each cell had to be edited separately. Mailigen’s Drag’n’Drop template editor applies default format to each block.

Formatting will be applied to regular text as well to hyperlinks simultaneously.

Default formating

Drag and drop method to move content blocks

The most important thing, and one of the reasons why we decided to create a new editor, is to have content divided into blocks that can be moved using drag and drop method. No more complex actions with content blocks anymore. Just click and hold the mouse button by pointing to the block that needs to be moved and drag it to the new place.

Drag and drop method to move content blocks

Use drag and drop method to add new blocks to the template. The content block capability has different forms and shapes providing you with more template options. A new block can be added with an extra place for an image that has an individual cell.

Mailigen Drag'n'Drop blocks

It is super easy to change the width of blocks. Now all you have to do is to click on the dashed line that divides the blocks and move the line. While changing the width of content block where one part includes place for an image, its size will also change according to the size of the block.

Drag and drop method to insert images

The same drag and drop method is used to insert images. From the extra toolbar you can choose an image that you have saved before in your image gallery to insert and drag it anywhere you like in the email. Dimensions of the image will be adjusted by half of the block width, but if placed over the existing image, it will be replaced by the new one.

Drag and drop method to insert images


As you can see, all the new functions of the Mailigen Drag’n’Drop template editor are created to help you save your valuable time, enhance performance and make your email marketing campaigns more efficient. The editor has become faster, easier and user-friendlier. Additional help information is provided to solve any questions you may have.

If you want to find out more about the new Drag’n’Drop email template editor or you have some ideas how to make it better – feel free to contact our support team any time.

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