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Composing Email From Names and Subject Lines

You can send valuable newsletters that interest your subscribers, but you have to compose an e-mail that the readers will actually read. That’s why there are certain guidelines to follow when you’re sending out email to your customers, and the

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Email Marketing isn’t Rocket Science.

Nearly every big marketing move has something in common with the other big moves. And that’s innovation. From the ’50s Marlboro Man to the more recent web buzz generating grasshopper , we can see that innovation plays a huge role

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How Effective is Email Marketing?

Effectiveness of email marketing can be measured in many different ways – ROI, Open Rate, Click-Trough rate and include many criteria to consider. We would like to share with you some interesting industry related information from Marketing Sherpa, one of

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Words NOT to Use and Avoid in Emails

There are words that are boring for the subscriber, and interesting for the spam filter. To insure interesting emails that are more likely to be opened and received, not only you must write good headlines and interesting copy. You must

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The Top 5 Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Besides the obvious – email marketing is a lot cheaper than regular marketing – there are numerous benefits to e-mail marketing in comparison to other marketing methods. In this article, we’ll discuss these benefits to try and give you an

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Mailigen v1.0

Fantastic News From April month forward Mailigen BETA has been upgraded to Mailigen v1.0. In addition to all the system upgrades that have been done throughout the existence of BETA version we now offer the highest service quality, roundup of

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Creating email marketing campaigns (part 1)

When you have chosen your potential clients, created a list of addressees and have combined it all together with your message – you are ready to start the sending. There are several message delivery options: 1. In case your list

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Working with email lists (part 1)

There’s constantly growing number of companies right now which are using effectively the global network as their marketing tool. Market is constantly supplemented with e-mail address list dealers thus making the demand of these lists increase fast. There are many

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