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Responsive Email Design: What, Why and How?

Responsive email design

Reading emails on the go and opening a nice looking email newsletter on your mobile phone is something you would expect today… so do your email subscribers. When it comes to mobile email marketing, responsive email design is a solution.

What is responsive email design?

Responsive email design is a special technique that aims to provide the optimal viewing experience across various platforms. A responsive email uses media queries which detect the screen size of a device and then ”turn on” different sets of rules based on the screen size.

This means you don’t have to split desktop and mobile device users into segments and make two different email templates for them. Now you can view the same email design perfectly on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Why should you use responsive email design?

The number of subscribers reading your newsletters on smartphones and tablets continues to grow rapidly. Over 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices, according to People look at their phones 150 times a day and 80% of them delete an email newsletter if it doesn’t look good on their mobile device.

How to make the most of responsive email design?

At the Mailigen breakfast event on mobile email design, our experts from the Mailigen Template Factory shared the basics that everyone should follow when ordering or creating responsive email designs on their own:

  • Keep your email content brief and concise as we scan rather than read emails on mobile devices.
  • Center the text and all the other elements of your email message for better and easier viewing.
  • Prefer percentage division over fixed size for tables or other elements when creating responsive email designs.
  • Insert large images (more than 300 px) all in the same size.
  • Avoid spacing which is too large for the mobile device format.
  • Ensure the same spacing on every side (top and bottom, right and left).
  • Do not delete the <head> section of your email template; otherwise it will no longer be responsive.
  • Check it first! To see the preview of your responsive email, we recommend using Litmus.

How do we do that at Mailigen?

We at Mailigen switched completely to newsletters with responsive email designs about 6 months ago and immediately received surprisingly high results in mobile opens and clicks. Today around 25% of opens and 15% of clicks of our email campaigns are made on mobile devices and these rates continue to grow. Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter to never miss the freshest and newest ideas.

These changes also reached the Mailigen Template Factory. Since the spring, our web designing team has only created responsive email designs. Visit our creative factory and order the best solution for your email marketing.

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  •' web designs 11. August, 2014

    Responsive email design is a special technique that aims to provide the optimal viewing experience across various platforms. Thanks for sharing.

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