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How Small Businesses Can Sync Marketing Automation with Social Media

Marketing automation and social media don’t seem like ideal partners. Sure, automation software enables more customer centric marketing, and it’s great for segmenting and personalizing emails. But it still can’t match the actual human interaction that makes social media so powerful. Try running too much automation on social media and you’ll start inching precariously close […]

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Affiliate Marketinga and Social Media

Mixing Affiliate Marketing with Social Media

You know social can be a powerful tool to assist with your affiliate marketing program but social media works best when integrated with other marketing programs. It can make your life a little easier by increasing your presence on the web and converting lookers into buyers. The top social media referral sites include Facebook, Twitter, […]

Pinterest in email marketing

What is Pinterestcamp and 5 Ways to Use It in Email Marketing

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network today. We think Pinterest email marketers should be interested! Although it’s an image-based social networking, you can also use it in content marketing. Because words are pinnable too! For most of 2012, we’ve seen news reports of how Pinterest is quickly gaining fans. In April 2012, Experian Hitwise […]


How to build email list with top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

For companies, social media sites have long ceased to be places where only share information. A new mantra is emerging: marketing and gathering email subscribers using top social media sites! Marketers talk a lot about it. And rightly so.


Add Mailigen sign-up form to Company’s Facebook page

Company’s newsletter sign-up form can also be put in one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Therefore, signing-up is no more static process, but dynamic one, as it can be positively influenced by friends, relatives and all those already following your news on Facebook Fan page.


Turn Your Email Campaigns Social With Mailigen Social

Mailigen’s new social features can help you connect to new clients via social sharing buttons. Mailigen has social sharing buttons for social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others. Mailigen also offers in-depth statistics for your social media efforts, making it easy to see which social network has generated more clicks — and you know, once you’ve discovered where to put your focus, it’s all but smooth sailing.


Email & Social Sharing: what could be missing from your email marketing campaigns

Maybe that’s it, and social sharing isn’t an effective marketing method? There are a number ways you can look at it. However, while I don’t like dissing people, maybe some just don’t get social email marketing.

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