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Case study: Grow your database by adding a sign up to newsletter button in your emails

Creating a sign up form and growing the contact database are the first steps in email marketing. What if growth step is missing? The Consulting and Training Center of the Association of Commercial Banks used to send email marketing campaigns to their existing database for years. Recently they nearly doubled their database just by adding […]

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Mailigen Breakfast

Mailigen Organizes the First Email Marketing Breakfast

We have started a new tradition – having a breakfast! 18 December, Mailigen team hosted the most loyal customers for the first email marketing breakfast. Our breakfast menu included hot coffee, freshly baked muffins and more. However, nothing else but an email marketing strategy was served as the main dish. Mailigen Breakfast was hosted by […]


Add Mailigen sign-up form to Company’s Facebook page

Company’s newsletter sign-up form can also be put in one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Therefore, signing-up is no more static process, but dynamic one, as it can be positively influenced by friends, relatives and all those already following your news on Facebook Fan page.

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