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Take Care of Your Subscribers Using Yahoo Emails

Yahoo has made changes to their accounts that haven’t been accessed in over 12 months. Yahoo users who haven’t logged into their accounts at least once every 12 months will lose their accounts. Inactive accounts will be released and will be available to someone else to register from August 15.

How could this affect your email marketing campaigns? Your email delivery and spam complaints? And what should you do about it? We’d like to provide you with some recommendations.

How can inactive Yahoo accounts affect your email delivery?

Yahoo accounts that haven’t been accessed in over 12 months will be released and users will no longer be able to access them. If you send an email campaign to an inactive email address, you will get a hard bounce reported. The higher the hard bounce rate, the greater the negative impact on your sender reputation. As a result, your emails may also land in the spam folders of your active subscribers using Yahoo emails.

How can inactive Yahoo accounts increase spam complaints?

As inactive Yahoo accounts are now available for someone else to register, some of your subscriber addresses will change their owners. For example, your subscriber John Esvald signed up for your news with his email address After 12 months of inactivity, the same email address was registered by another person John Eden. If you now send an email marketing campaign to this email address it will be considered as a spam because the new John has not signed up for your newsletters. If he reports the received email as a spam, it can negatively affect your further email delivery. If you receive a lot of spam complaints, your newsletters may land directly in Yahoo spam folders instead of Yahoo inboxes.

What to do with subscribers with Yahoo accounts?

You have to start with your email list hygiene. Isolate and suppress those Yahoo contacts that haven’t opened your newsletters in over 12 months. Read more about how to use Mailigen’s new feature of list hygiene – segment by email opens and clicks.

Follow our instructions on how to select inactive Yahoo contacts:

  • Log into your Mailigen account
  • Go to the Contacts section and choose Segments
  • Click on “Create Segment”
  • Choose the email list you want to segment
  • Enter the segment name “Yahoo inactive 12 months”
  • Next go to “Filter Contacts Where*:”, choose “Email Address”, “contains”, “yahoo”
  • Next go to “Activity Filter Criteria:”, choose “not opened”, “date range” and select the period of 12 months starting from the day you create this segment

After you have made a segment of inactive Yahoo contacts, you can unsubscribe them from your email list. Go to this segment and choose “Unsubscribe segment contacts”. After doing this your email campaigns will be sent only to the active recipients.

Start a reengagement campaign

Before you unsubscribe inactive contacts, you can send them a reengagement email campaign. Perhaps some of them will open your newsletter and therefore become active recipients. Just make sure your sender name is instantly recognizable and your subject line is especially attracting and eye-catching.

What happens if you don’t do anything about this?

If you don’t isolate inactive Yahoo accounts, you risk receiving a large number of spam complaints. Due to a large number of hard bounces, your Mailigen account may be suspended. In addition, your reputation may be damaged and result in email delivery into spam folders instead of inboxes.

If you need any help with isolating and suppressing inactive Yahoo users, please contact us.

Take Care of Your Subscribers Using Yahoo Emails
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