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The Anatomy of An Email Newsletter: Is Your Email Ready to Send? [INFOGRAPH]

If you are like us, you love a good visual guide to the key pieces of information you need to do a great job. For instance, next time you create an email newsletter, you may want to rethink the call to action you are using. We went through and extracted some key data points to create this insightful infograph for you to use when creating your next email newsletter – The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter.

Newsletters just won’t be received well if you don’t carefully craft and package the message. Did you know, according to ReturnPath, by the end of 2012 more people will be reading emails on a mobile device than on a desktop or webmail? Yikes! Are your email newsletters ready for that? They will be after you incorporate our six mobile tips for better email newsletters. We also threw in some social email newsletter tips too!

Mailigen has the easy to use tools you need to generate action with powerful email messages and newsletters. We know a thing or two about creating great newsletters.

Anatomy of Email Newsletter - Infographic by Mailigen Email Marketing

Don’t forget to share this infographic with your friends and fellow email marketers so they can receive the best results as well! Enjoy!

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  •' Justine 23. October, 2012

    That’s an awesome Infograph guys. I personally don’t share any email content on social networks, but i can see that 27% of readers do. So i guess i’m like other 73% who don’t just do much online!
    I think the email layout has some great tips to follow!

  •' Nicolas 24. October, 2012

    Very nice infograph, congrats! However, those stats comes from where ? Only US ? Worldwide ?

  •' Ernests Vaga 24. October, 2012

    Nicolas, these stats are recent data from worldwide sources and Mailigen users. Of course each country & region has it’s own social networks and habbits, that could be different, but the data we’ve used is general global stats and our own Mailigen data points.

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