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Top Tactics to Improve Email Deliverability

MarketingSherpa has released a brand new chart on the most effective tactics to raise email delivery rate. Delivery is the key factor to calculate ROI and to confirm yourself that the campaign was successful. What tactics are you using to improve your email campaign delivery?

Although some tactics marketers should better consult with their email delivery experts, the majority of top tactics are easy to implement if not already included into your marketing strategy. After taking a look at the most used methods, rethink carefully whether your email campaigns deliver the maximum return to your business.

Communicate with the interested subscribers

The vast majority or 62% marketers follow the simplest, yet smartest tactic: the easier to unsubscribe, the more likely your newsletter will be read by only interested subscribers. This goes hand in hand with the chart’s top 5 tactic that is maintaining opt-in only subscriber lists.

We are sure you already perform permission-based email marketing and have placed an unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter. Just make sure it’s obvious and easy accessible.

Expert tip: Place an unsubscribe link at the top of the newsletter. The more visible unsubscribe link, the less possibility that irritated people will click on the spam button. Moreover, add a funny „goodbye” message to the unsubscribe landing page to separate with your subscribers in a friendly way.

Make regular list cleaning

More than a half or 51% of organizations measure and remove hard bounces, 27% evaluate soft bounces, and the third most used tactic for delivery improvement is a general list cleanup. How about your email campaigns and bounces? Are those only some statistics you have a quick look at while looking through campaign reports or something you analyze more scrupulously?

Expert tip: Beware of bounces! Some ISPs turn old email addresses into spam traps. For example, if you send a newsletter to the email address that has not been used for 6 months, you will see this email address as non-existent or it has hard bounced. But if you send a newsletter after a year, in your report you will see that email address is existing because the ISP has automatically transformed this account into spam trap email.

Remove or reengage inactive subscribers

The fourth most used tactic with 39% is removing inactive subscribers, 17% of organizations launch reactivation campaigns for inactives, and 7% send repermission campaigns. How many of your subscribers are just sitting in your database without really engaging with your emails?

Expert tip: Start with simple list monitoring every few months where your note how your list is growing and… yes, getting older. Segment your subscribers depending on how active they are. For those opening your newsletters but never clicking on links, prepare a click-oriented campaign with eye-catching CTA links. For those that haven’t opened your newsletters for a half-year, prepare an exciting offer that is mentioned already in the subject line. If there is no success even after several times, than face the truth they are not interested any more and it’s time to unsubscribe them and say a friendly „goodbye”.

These and other tactics mentioned in the chart will help you to increase the overall delivery rate. If you have any question regarding white and black lists, authentication, reputation and other issues, please contact our team. Our email delivery experts will take care of your campaign delivery results.

Top Tactics to Improve Email Deliverability
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