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What is Pinterestcamp and 5 Ways to Use It in Email Marketing

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network today. We think Pinterest email marketers should be interested! Although it’s an image-based social networking, you can also use it in content marketing. Because words are pinnable too!

For most of 2012, we’ve seen news reports of how Pinterest is quickly gaining fans. In April 2012, Experian Hitwise research claimed Pinterest the third most popular social networking site in US behind Facebook and Twitter. And in May 2012, comScore study showed that Pinterest is the leader when it comes to purchasing an item seen in social network, surpassing Facebook.

Pinterest is not meant to be an affiliate link site, it is designed to share your content and ideas in vision boards, similar to the way interior designers pull together ideas for a kitchen make over. Vision boards are a collection of your ideas, things you like and inspiration all in one topical board. You can scan your friends boards too and see what interests them. However, the platform is evolving into a sales tool. Like something you see? Click through to the website where the image is hosted and make a purchase.

Many email marketers discovered Pinterest at the very moment it appeared, so you have probably already heard numerous tips and tricks on how to use Pinterest in email marketing. But in this blog post, I’d like to talk about integrated marketing campaigns where Pinterest is included or so-called pinterestcamps. Are you [P]interested?

1. Promote signing up for emails via Pinterest

You’ve worked hard to build a large and qualitative email list, it’s one of your greatest treasures. Marketers talk a lot about how to grow email lists offline and online, how to get subscribers via QR codes and build email list via social media like Facebook and Twitter. Now you can include Pinterest in the mix. Of course, don’t expect much just by uploading and repinning your sign-up form. Create interesting and eye-catching pinterestcamps.

  • Repin contests to spread your sign up form among Pinterest users.
  • Tease repin contests where people will get more information after signing up for emails.
  • Incorporate numerous and different-design sign-up forms that you include in Pinterest boards with matching color, mood or theme.
  • Allow guest pinners on your Pinterest board, dedicated to sign up forms or the whole email marketing theme.
Example how email sign up forms are displayed in Pinterest. Source: Pinterest

Example how email sign up forms are displayed in Pinterest. Source: Pinterest

2. Display materials in Pinterest and promote via email

Pinterest is more than social networking. More and more companies find it an excellent place to display presentations, videos and other materials. For this kind of pinterestcamp, you must create boards with full-fledged information and then promote it via newsletters.

  • Replace PowerPoint presentations for live events with Pinterest boards.
  • Lead the presentation with Pinterest boards instead of typical slide desk.
  • Link your email newsletter with Pinterest boards. For example, if you don’t have time to update website or create special landing page, guide subscribers to your Pinterest boards.

3. Put email designs in Pinterest

When inviting people to sign up for newsletters, engagement will be much higher if you show people what exactly they are going to receive. If you often change email templates and create custom design templates, bring it all together in Pinterest boards. And then create campaigns in Pinterest or pinterestcamps to promote sign up for beautiful newsletters:

  • promote your Pinterest boards with email designs via email newsletters;
  • promote email design boards in Pinterest with social networking users.
Mailigen email template designs in Pinterest. Source: Mailigen account in Pinterest

Mailigen email template designs in Pinterest. Source: Mailigen account in Pinterest

4. Promote your Pinterest account via email

Have you created a corporate Pinterest account and pinned a lot of interesting resources? Great! But how about promoting all this beauty? Email will be your greatest help. Of course you can and you should include the Pinterest icon in the header or footer of your email template, as well as add a short phrase announcing it, but why not think also about special campaign.

  • Promote your Pinterest account including an email newsletter with the latest images of your Pinterest boards.
  • Tease with your Pinterest account telling email subscribers what they will find, the newest products or other items in your Pinterest boards.

5. Make your email Pinterest friendly

If you have become a real fan of Pinterest, go further and make your emails Pinterest friendly. That is to say, integrate Pinterest in your email campaigns.

  • Allow recipients to pin products and images directly from your email newsletter.
  • Create email newsletters using your pins. And again – receivers will be able to repin images right from your newsletters.
  • If you cannot integrate Pinterest directly in your email campaign, create email campaigns just by adding photos and links from Pinterest in your email newsletter.

To Sum Up

At the beginning of 2012, Pinterest was a rising star among social networks and now it’s still climbing. It’s becoming more important in our social media habits, in our marketing plans and in our creative ideas.

Pinterest is not going to be just an ordinary social site. Since its origins, Pinterest was designed to interact with Facebook and Twitter. Little by little, it’s entering different marketing strategies, „make friends” with other Internet marketing channels and highlight today’s communication trend: visual and interactive. You can be sure Pinterest will perfectly enrich your integrated marketing mix and especially your email marketing plan.


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