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We are here to achieve better email marketing results for our clients!
By bringing people, innovation and technology together we are able to provide outstanding email marketing platform and services to our clients.

Mailigen team

Our Story

Mailigen MMailigen is the mindmeld of thought leaders who realized there was a gaping hole in the email marketing provider market. Customers were looking for a solution to take their email marketing programs to the next level without employing programmers and navigating the world of ISPs on their own. They needed a simple, easy to use solution. We decided to leverage our knowledge and experience to build the most amazing marketing tool that will meet our existing standards.


Mailigen is one of the leading web-based integrated marketing software providers for any size business, organization or individual. Our product philosophy is simple, make it flexible, easy to use and cost effective.


Founded and operated by Janis Rose and Arturs Bernovskis, Mailigen is guided by a passion for business, software development and all things tech. The company’s organic growth has come from humble beginnings and a dedication to the company’s core mission: to make marketing as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes.

Janis Rose Founder, CEO
Arturs Bernovskis Founder, CFO

Our Team

We are masters at making the complex simple. We look at every business problem with the end user in mind, taking what’s familiar and looking at it in a new light. Our team focuses on making technology that’s simple, fresh and helpful.

Join Our Team

Mailigen has a dedicated product development team with an eye for building client-driven software services with industry leading functionality. Our developers stay true to our mission, making email marketing as easy to use and cost effective as possible, by working hard to build the most sophisticated email solution and sleek interface with the latest technologies.

We continue to invest in product improvements to create an unbeatable user experience. We’re determined to lead the charge in the ever-changing world of online marketing, supporting HTML emails, mobile messaging, social channels, online surveys and new data formats or increasing deliverability rates.

Our Product

Mailigen provides intuitive and very easy to use email marketing capabilities to all business sizes. We offer the most cost-effective web-based email marketing solution on the market, while still providing sophisticated features that usually cost much more.

Whether it’s our impressive menu of features or competitive prices, Mailigen clients love what they see. The Mailigen platform has the right features and competitive pricing choices to deliver impressive email marketing campaigns.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive, easy to use tools
  • ROI boosting features, including Autoresponders, Sign Up form builders, List Segmentation and more
  • Trusted ISP relationships to boost your deliverability
  • Competitive pricing, starting at $10 per month
  • Customer support for advice, best practices and troubleshooting


Our mission is to make Email Marketing as easy to use and cost effective as possible – something that everyone can enjoy. Our engineers work hard to build the most sophisticated email solution and sleekest interface using the latest technologies. We are investing a lot of time and effort to make sure everything we do "under the hood"

results in a unbeatable user experience. The technology surrounding email changes every day. But whether it's supporting HTML emails, accepting more new data formats, or increasing deliverability rates, we are determined to lead the charge in this exploding arena of email marketing. And we want you to be right there with us.