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Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP - Your Reputation is Critical

Your sender reputation is critical to your email delivery success rate. If you are not sure what your sender reputation is:

  • Analyze your open and conversion rates
  • Check your bounce rates
  • See if your emails are landing in the spam folder of your subscribers

If these numbers are good, you probably have a good sender reputation.

If you are seeing a decrease in open and conversion rates, and an increase in poor delivery, then you may want to consider securing a dedicated IP address.

When to Get A Dedicated IP

Dedicated IPs give you complete control of your sending reputation. If your email marketing program sends volumes greater than 200,000 emails per month to varied ISP’s, a dedicated IP address might be for you.

Securing a dedicated IP is an important decision and usually connected to the volume of email messaging your marketing programs require. Large volume email marketing programs require email managers to spread the volume out over multiple IP addresses to keep information flowing smoothly.

Shared IP Groups

Since some factors in determining your reputation are email volume and frequency, if you send low volumes infrequently you probably are well served by a shared IP group. Without a dedicated IP address, your emails are in a shared IP group which requires cooperation from all the senders within that group to keep a good reputation with the ISPs. Sharing IPs gives you the opportunity to pair up with other email marketing programs and establish enough volume and frequency to have good results. That is, if everyone is deploying best practices.

Benefits of securing a dedicated IP include:

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