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Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Mailigen dynamic email content allows you to address each subscriber individually by building multiple versions of targeted messages based on specific segments, criteria or attributes.

Sometimes you need to send different audiences similar but not the same email messages. Rather than create two separate campaigns - use Mailigen’s dynamic content solution to create conditional email content and display the dynamic email content to targeted audiences from various customer attributes like name, company, email, subscription date, age and geographical location. You can also use information based on specific user preferences like online behavior, purchase history and web analytics.

With Mailigen dynamic content, readers are more engaged and you save buckets of time! With more targeted messages, you also boost your email campaign results and ROI.

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There are two types of conditions:

  • Condition according to a particular criteria
  • Condition when content is inserted when specific criteria is missing

Condition according to a particular criteria also includes two types of criteria:

  • Display dynamic content to a particular segment
  • Display dynamic content according to a selection criteria (of contact database)

After the addition of conditional content is approved, a code will be placed in the email which will sort content by relevancy. Conditional email content can also be formatted by highlighting required text.

Dynamic email content has extensive possibilities.

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