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Email Autoresponder Campaigns

Email Autoresponder & Follow-Up Emails from Mailigen

Mailigen’s email autoresponder software will help you automatically send regular follow up email and trigger-based emails. Use email marketing autoresponders to send subscribers e-gifts. Send email courses and educate your fans about your product or service. Autoresponder messages can’t fully automate your business, but they will save you buckets of time.

email autoresponder software

Easy to useGetting started is easy

Mailigen’s software allows for sending sequential emails with ease, so you only create the emails once. Mailigen’s system make it as easy as creating email campaigns to create autoresponders. Make use of our template collection, which makes creating an email autoresponder even easier.

auto email responders

Automatic follow up works wonders

Use automatic responder to send follow up emails, this is a great way to speed customer service and introduce new products. At this point email follow up is a mandatory investment in your marketing automation plan. If a client signs up for a service you offer; you don’t want questions like “how can I use this?” pop up in customer support when you have an extensive user manual available on the site.

email autoresponder script

Personalized email autoresponders are gold

Creating a personalized experience is magnificent. Create emails that look crafted specifically for the individual that receives them. Our free to use email autoresponders are premier services to those you can find at the web host. They look (depending on the segmentation) far more personal than “Hello client,” responses.

Powerful autoresponder features:

  • Trigger-based email autoresponders upon client registration
  • Personalized follow up emails
  • Regular email sending
  • Detailed email tracking & reports
  • Unlimited amount of autoresponder messages
  • Emails on customer registration
  • And more…

Contact Our Team

Mailigen professionals can help you build your first autoresponder follow-up sequence and give you advice on the strategy.

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