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Email List Management

Email List Management

Built a spectacular list? Now you need to manage it! Email list management is critical to any successful email marketing
program. Keep your email list clean from inactive emails, divide your list into segments and ultimately achieve optimized targeting.
An optimized email list is the key to success!

Mailigen enables you to easily upload contacts or just copy/paste them into your database. We offer superior list-editing functionality including merge, de-duplication and much more.

  • Create unlimited number of contact lists and access them 24/7.
  • Search, add, delete or modify your contacts at any time.
  • Add custom fields to each subscriber, and fields directly from the database into e-mails.
  • Keep your list clean by automatically removing duplicates.
  • Easily export your lists to an Excel file.
  • Create different email list segments for exact campaign targeting.

Split into segments!

To improve your email marketing results, stop treating everyone on your email list the same. Use data from sign-up forms, profile update forms and online surveys to split your database into segments by age, gender, location, interests and other criteria.

Behavioral segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and send exactly what they want. With Mailigen you can create segments based on contact list activity and segments based on a  campaign results:

  • Select one, several or all of your email lists and split your contacts into segments based on whether subscribers have opened your emails or clicked on links before or after a certain date, or within a set period of time, in order to treat differently active and inactive subscribers.
  • Choose an email campaign and segment by activity whether your email was opened, clicked or delivered in order to resend the email to those who haven’t read it or prepare appropriate follow up emails to those who have clicked on certain links.

Two easy ways to grow your email list with Mailigen

Import or add your existing contact list

  • 1. Get started quickly - import your existing contact list into Mailigen from an Excel, csv file or your CRM system.
  • 2. Collect customer email addresses in your shop or in any offline product sales or contests, even over the phone and then import them.

Grow your list using Mailigen web sign-up forms

  • Create and customize sign-up forms for your website.
  • Include the form in your website to capture visitor email addresses.
  • Use multiple sign-up forms to build multiple lists on your websites. Allowing you to target and segment you email campaigns better.
  • Our Web Sign-up forms are double-opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant.