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Email Marketing Basics

Email & SMS/Text marketing basics. What it is, how it works, where to use it?

Email marketing and SMS/Text are the most efficient tools for sending the right message at the right time to the right person, and most importantly - through the right medium. Today, email marketing is an integral part of every business online and considered to have the highest ROI of all media communication mediums. Compared to other methods of advertising, email is inexpensive, measurable and with the right tools it is easy to implement.

Success for any business relies on increasing revenue and lowering operating costs.

Email marketing and SMS/Text allow you to do both. A successful campaign will help your business or organization:

Email and SMS are just electronic forms of direct marketing, using electronic delivery to communicate messages to your audience. With these tools, you can reach millions of potential customers through fun and interactive messages. Email and SMS also allow you to automate the sending process and still retain that important personal touch.

How it works?

We have some examples of why Mailigen is the best email marketing solution for your business. A successful email marketing campaign needs the right knowledge accompanied by the right tools. Mailigen can help you jump start you business. Create your first email campaign today.



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Grow your knowledge and share ideas! The Mailigen Knowledge Base is our growing collection of case studies, help articles, user generated tips, whitepapers and videos we create and collect to help you be an email marketing expert. If you have a use case to share or a question you don’t see answered here, shoot us an email or Tweet us!

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