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Email Marketing Campaign

Create High Impact Email Marketing Campaigns in Just Minutes

Email marketings are something more and more business discover and put to use each day. If you are a novice or even an
old-time email marketing expert, we think you will make great use of our email marketing campaign software.

An email marketing campaign is basically a systematic approach to email marketing.

At first, you think about what you want to achieve with the campaign (for example, promote a new product), and then choose which subscribers you want to receive the campaign. After that, you work on the details like the design, and send emails regularity to a select group of customers. Logical? Yes. Effective? Most certainly.

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What`s great about email campaign management?

The biggest benefits to thought though email marketing campaigns are: you can send regular targeted email, you can measure the results and efficiency, and you can have complete control of how often and when the emails sent. Email campaign management will let you see the results and make decisions whether or not to continue with the campaign, which content to include or not, and will serve as an efficiency measure.

Email management is easier than ever and almost no design is involved

Mailigen offers numerous free newsletter templates for each and every client. With Mailigen you can create email campaigns on the fly, send HTML or plain text emails. We are striving to improve our services to ensure only optimized and easy-to-read templates are available in the administration panel or design your own. Our web based templates are customizable and allows even users with little web knowledge to create viable campaign emails.

Mailigen currently offers the following features for email marketing campaigns:

  • A Drag`n`Drop email editor and WYSIWYG test editor for creating professional looking emails
  • Personalizing your emails by using list merge tags
  • Scheduled sending of email letters (create a campaign and set a later time to send it)
  • Creating autoresponders and follow up marketing campaigns
  • Checking your email campaigns to make sure they will not be tagged as spam using SpamCheck
  • Using a dedicated IP address to take full control of your sender`s reputation
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Mailigen professionals can help you to build your first campaign step by step or even design a perfect email template matching your company and brand identity.

Just contact us at any time, tell us what you want and we will get right on it.