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Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can fully leverage the best of digital marketing, you just have to have the right tools to make it a strategic advantage.. In some cases, less is more, but before sending a text-only newsletter, you should know what your subscribers want to see. Combine best practices with targeted content and you will have a winning newsletter campaign.

Use Mailigen newsletter templates for sleek email marketing campaign

Everyone likes being original, but if you are a novice you can make a significant impact with Mailigen email newsletter templates. Our newsletter templates are customizable, look great, and are tested for readability. Using our tested email templates ensures your emails are optimized for delivery across multiple platforms.

Why? Because our email newsletter templates are tested for readability and are easily customized to follow your site’s design. Best of all, they’re free: even users with a trial subscription can use them. Our well-crafted email campaign creation process makes sending newsletters easier than ever – you only have to select a template and add your own text & media. Want more information on best practices in creating newsletters? Check out our Infograph!

Email newsletter

Using email templates means that your newsletter will not look "boring"

On the contrary - unlike email templates made in apps such as Word and Outlook, these newsletter templates are made for the web and have survived extensive testing. Bring out your best possible email campaign results with templates. Already have a great template? You can import a HTML template from any URL and create your newsletter.

Using Mailigen’s email newsletter software, you get:

  • Web, not Outlook-based emails
  • Easily customizable newsletters
  • Good-looking and designer friendly email templates
  • Media-friendly templates
  • More than 100 free newsletter templates – making it easy to find the perfect one for you
  • Ability to easily create customized e-mails

Mailigen professionals can help you to build your perfect email newsletter template matching your company and brand identity.

Just contact us at any time, tell us what you want and we will get right on it.