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Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Generating subscribers and leads has always been a challenge using traditional methods. As Facebook is inching toward 1 billion users, you must leverage Mailigen’s Facebook integration tools to generate subscribers.

Generating new subscribers and leads couldn’t be easier with Mailigen’s integrated Facebook tools. Our tools allow you to easily reach your fans on Facebook. All you have to do is to is create sign-up forms and add them to your Facebook page.

The Facebook sign-up form is a double opt-in sign up form, just like your other Mailigen forms. When a potential subscriber fills out the form, they will receive confirmation to their email address asking them to confirm their subscription.

Get Account & Start Collecting Emails

With the our Mailigen Facebook Integration you can:

Adding a Facebook form is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Step 1Add form content and create the design
  • Step 2Connect to Facebook (here is how!)
  • Step 3Select the Facebook page and add the form
Once your sign-up form is activated on your Facebook page, a Tab will be created on the page. This makes it super easy for your Fans to see and subscribe.

Don’t forget to integrate social media features in your email marketing campaigns

Automatic Facebook notifications

Notify your social media followers about new campaigns, make them available to a wider audience.

Social sharing links for your content

Make your content available to other people who haven’t necessarily subscribed to your newsletters.

Links to your company’s social profiles

We offer stylish, easily noticeable buttons that you can use for linking to your social media profiles.