Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing and Mobile Integration

With the rapid growth of mobile technologies, mobile marketing is the future. SMS text messaging is one of the few
marketing methods which allow you to reach your target audience anytime and anywhere. Consequently, the provision of information to mobile devices is one of the most effective marketing methods currently available.

Mailigen SMS

Mailigen offers an easy to use solution enabling SMS delivery to more than 200 countries and territories. Integrating SMS marketing with your email marketing strategy will boost your overall marketing effectiveness and engagement.

Mailigen SMS text messaging provides a variety of integration possibilities. Marketers are able to integrate SMS marketing with other marketing methods, as well as track recipients` activities and obtain accurate reporting data. Next to email, marketers have never had a more powerful communication tool than mobile technology.

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Mailigen SMS includes these great features:

  • SMS delivery to more than 200 countries and territories
  • Registration of unique sender name
  • SMS integration with CRM strategy
  • Segmentation of SMS audience
  • Gathering new subscribers by signup forms
  • Mobile marketing campaign reports
  • Automatic URL shortening and click tracking
  • Google Analytics integration
  • SMS integration with email marketing strategy

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Professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Mailigen SMS provides professional customer relationship management and allows optimizing your target audience and sending as relevant content as possible. Some of the features include:

  • SMS personalization enables automatically add name or other interest-related information to the message
  • Gathering new SMS recipients by using sign-up forms
  • Optimization of target audience by analyzing previous campaign and survey results and data from sign-up forms, as well as audience segmentation in order to send targeted messages.
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SMS Real Time Reports

To measure the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns, you have to obtain accurate data on campaign delivery and responsiveness. Statistics are crucial not only to track recipients activities but also to optimize further campaigns and calculate the ROI.
Mailigen SMS provides the following tracking options:

  • Delivery statistics. This is one of the most important data elements, showing real-time data regarding how many subscribers have actually received the message and the result of your marketing efforts.
  • Click tracking is a great way to trace recipients activities. Statistics show open rates and recipients` interest in the content by clicking on links. This gives an additional opportunity to segment subscribers and further improve engagement with targeted content.
  • Integration with Google Analytics is a powerful way to obtain statistics about webpage traffic and track SMS receivers` activities through the entire shopping process. And this means you can track conversion rates and get real evidence on the monetary success of your mobile marketing campaign.

SMS marketing integration with email marketing strategy

Mailigen allows synching email lists with SMS contacts in order to make full use of existing data you have already obtained. You can also personalize and send targeted SMS messages. All the activities you can do with your email list, like analyzing email marketing campaigns or optimizing and segmentating lists will now be available for SMS performance.

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