Online Surveys

Effective Online Surveys

Sending online surveys is an effective way of splitting your audience in segments and gathering feedback.
Although you can do research on your user base with other methods, sending online surveys is still a very efficient practice. Online surveys gather user statistics which helps you better serve your customers.

By sending a customer survey, you will show your clients you care about their opinion and gather useful information in the process. Commercial surveys, on the other hand, will help you improve your business goals and get to know what the customers expect from you. Wording the questions well is up to you, but we are here to help you through with the rest!

Mailigen offers these exciting functions for sending email surveys:

  • Integrating the surveys in your email marketing campaigns
  • Automatically sending email autoresponder and follow up e-mail
  • Easily customize the design & color scheme
  • Automatically store the answers in the list's database
  • In-depth global and individual answer statistics
  • Survey templates and the ability to create your own templates
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Email surveys shouldn`t take too long
to fill

Because everyone is so used to filling surveys, chances are yours won’t be seen as being all that different from others. To make things easier (and shorter), we have sample surveys to help subscribers read the surveys fast, and also make customizing them easier.

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Using sample surveys is easy and efficient

You don’t expect that someone would fill a paper survey letter five pages long. Online surveys are often shorter than a single page and take less than a minute to complete. Our templates ensure the response rate is high and users see completing the survey won’t chip away their free time.

Our survey template addresses the common problems associated with online surveys.

The biggest con of surveys is their reliability. Mailigen`s professional staff will aid you in choosing the right template to achieve the results you want from the survey.

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