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Opt-In Email Lists

Permission Based Email Marketing, a.k.a. Opting In

Email is still one of the most convenient and cost effective communication forms available today. Smart advertisers
know how to use opt-in email to directly engage targeted audiences

Email marketing lists start with a subscription form.

The beginning is the most important part of any business relationships. We take pride in our WYSIWYG subscription form creation process. The form creating process ensures your subscription forms will be well-coded and seamlessly blend with the design of your homepage.

Opt-in email is a form of targeted email marketing.

Targeted marketing is good marketing. Opt-in email marketing lists allow you to easily engage a targeted audience - and often do it for months, if not years.

Opt-in email lists are built by subscriber preference, with users entering their email into a subscription form. The user then receives a confirmation mail and confirms interest. This confirmation process is also called double or confirmed opt-in, and is used to keep your opt-in list clean from mistyped or maliciously entered email addresses.

Mailigen offers the following features for creating and maintaining opt-in lists:

  • Creating and updating an unlimited amount of opt-in email marketing list.
  • Fully automated subscribe and unsubscribe management.
  • Creating a subscription form you can easily add to your homepage.
  • Opt-in confirmation for each email to preserve a clean list and ensure that only interested subscribers receive mail.