Mailigen User Add-ons

Mailigen Premiums

Mailigen user premium add-ons will help you create fully customized email marketing campaigns -- but not every single email marketer needs those. That’s why our user add-ons are premium services separate from the main payment plan.

Pro User

This add-on allows you to fully edit your emails - the footer and header - and remove the Mailigen logo.

Pro User also allows you to add up to four sender addresses and export full report data, including individual clicks and open statistics.

Additional Library Space

As of now Mailigen offers 10 megabytes of gallery storage, which, to most email marketers, is more than enough for storing pictures and design elements. However, some marketers need more gallery space than others, and the Additional Library Space upgrade is for them, allowing to store up to 100 megabytes in pictures and design.

Inline Images

Are you tired of your email images being blocked by email browsers? We have the perfect solution! With Inline Images your email pictures will be downloaded automatically, without requiring the recipient to “download this image”. There are pros and cons for this method, so contact us to find out more.

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