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Real-Time Email Tracking & Reports

Real-Time Email Campaign Tracking & Reports

Precisely Track Email Opens, Bounces and Click-Throughs. Using one of the most precise tools for
benchmarking your marketing success. Gorgeous reports allow you to measure ROI and the success
of your email marketing campaigns.

real-time email campaign reports

Mailigen will automatically read and store the date and time of email marketing campaign opens, clicks, and email deliveries. You’ll be able to access campaign results in seconds after you’ve sent the campaign. This means the email campaign reports will be shown in real-time.

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Mailigen’s email reports and statistics offer these amazing features
(and more):

real-time email marketing reports
real-time email marketing tracking

Google Analytics integration, allows you to compare data from your website and newsletters. Google Analytics tracks email campaign conversion rates and gets real evidence on the monetary success of your email marketing efforts. This will help you calculate ROI and optimize your future campaigns.

real-time email marketing tracking software

Mailigen open and click reports will provide information about the device, browser and geo location of your email recipients. Use these metrics to improve your further campaigns and get the maximum results from the email marketing.

Mailigen joins the S.A.M.E. project

Real time email tracking and reports imageIn 2011, Mailigen joined S.A.M.E. project supporters. Mailigen’s email marketing report system was adapted to the newest email marketing standards, and now it offers more precise email marketing reports. Mailigen was audited by the EEC team, and given the S.A.M.E. seal of quality.

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