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Tightly Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Leverage your email, web and social channels to increase opens, drive click troughs and improve conversion rates.

Mailigen integrated marketing solutions

"For a long time, we have been looking for the right unified email service provider capable of handling our group e-mail marketing campaigns locally, with possibility for central coordination. Having tried many of the top email marketing firms, we are now confident that Mailigen provides the best service both in terms of performance and price, at an exceptionally high standard."

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Your marketing campaigns can no longer operate in silo, channels are far too integrated and your audience consumes information from multiple sources throughout their day. Our integrated marketing services and marketing automation capabilities make it easier than ever to deliver tightly integrated marketing campaigns. Mailigen email marketing solutions integrate with APIs, social media, SMS and Mobile and more to deliver unbeatable results.

Mailigen API resource center

Use our API to integrate Mailigen with external services and provide a complete marketing solution. Easily add email list management and email reporting functionality into your applications, allowing you to manage and check your performance.

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what is integrated marketing

new Social Email Marketing

Engage your audience through social media, convert them with email marketing. Mailigen’s integrated marketing solution maximizes social reach by integrating with email marketing activities. Publish via social media channels and create a new pipeline of referral traffic and leads. 

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integrated marketing campaign

Mobile Marketing

SMS leverages your existing email subscriber data to deliver vibrant campaigns and engage customers. SMS has an almost 80% adoption rate, making it the most popular tool for mobile advertising and communication. Integrate SMS with social media and email for an even bigger impact. 

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integrated marketing solutions

advanced Mailigen API and Integrated Applications

Try our feature rich email marketing plugins to manage every step of your email marketing campaign. We offer variety of simple blog plugins or complex CRM system plugins for seamless integrated marketing campaigns.

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integrated marketing solutions