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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Email is probably the most critical component of marketing automation, and a proven tactic for engaging customers. Take your marketing strategies to the next level by automating tasks while delivering exceptional campaign results.

Mailigen Marketing Automation

Software for Automated Email Marketing

Mailigen marketing automation gives you the ability to deliver trusted, relevant information to individual customer preferences. You manage the targeting, timing and content of your messages, Email marketing automation gets your messages to the right person, through their preferred point of delivery at the exact right time.

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Dynamic Content

Automate email content using Mailigen dynamic content. With dynamic content, create HTML content tailored to viewer and automatically serve them content relevant to their segmentation and preferences. Go beyond personalized greetings and create a truly unique and engaging experience for email recipients. Dynamic content gives you more conversion opportunities and increases campaign effectiveness.

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new Behavioral segmentation

With Mailigen, every marketer can easily perform segmentation by campaign results and deliver highly convertible email marketing campaigns. Through their email behavior, your customers tell you their exact preferences and needs for consuming email content. Make the most of your data through behavioral segmentation and utilize marketing automation to deliver tailored messages for your customers.

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powerfull RSS to Email

Marketing automation is about delivering timely and relevant information to people based on their preferences. Make it even easier for subscribers to read your blog or newsletter by incorporating the RSS-to-email campaign builder. Choose a template, select your sending frequency and select the RSS feeds you want to incorporate into your email marketing messages. Mailigen email marketing automation will help you create a more engaged readership, based on their personal preferences.

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