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Transactional Email

Listen and Respond in Real Time

Transactional email is the ultimate in individual personalization, allowing you to build one-to-one relationships with your subscribers.

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Transactional email is sent to an individual based on their behavior, some action on website or mobile application. Think of transactional email as triggered or real-time personalized emails. Mailigen makes it easy for you to set up and send triggered emails based on customer behaviors. 

transactional email service

Transactional email is triggered by:

  • a user's direct action;
  • action that targeted your user;
  • inaction of a user.
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Mailigen Transactional Emails

With Mailigen transactional email service you can:

  • Improve your email delivery;
  • Increase loyalty by delivered an individualized experience;
  • Get real time transactional email reports on opens, clicks and bounced emails;
  • Full API access for quick and easy integration and deployment;
  • Personalize your emails with custom HTML templates;
  • Get awesome support: Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you get started and answer any questions you might have.
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Transaction email improves delivery

Did you know, 20% of emails never reach the inbox? Take advantage of robust cloud infrastructure and optimize your email deliverability with Mailigen. We offer industry leading delivery rates and infrastructure to support that! Following technologies are just few we use to make sure that your emails are delivered to your subscribers:

  • Email authentication (SPF, DKIM);
  • ISP feedback loops;
  • Certification and dedicated IPs ISP whitelisting;
  • IP reputation monitoring.
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