Passion for design and technology are the foundations of Mailigen. We wanted to create a platform that would help people connect digitally, but just like any successful entrepreneur, we fell down and rose again many times before Mailigen got to where it is today.

Our lives changed when we found our true mission. We’re here to help companies rise and tell their stories through email. By bringing together exceptional people and technology, we offer an innovative email marketing automation platform to companies around the world and help them achieve their goals.

We learned that mentorship and open communication were crucial to our success. That is why our mentors now work alongside you and guide you on your own path to success. From our story to yours.

Our Team

The foundation and strength of our technology platform will always be our people and what we believe in - human connections.
As our customer, you are our hero. Moreover, our passion is helping you grow. 

  • Janis Rose
    Janis Rose
    Founder & CEO

    Janis is the CEO of Mailigen. He plays an active role in overseeing all product development, international marketing initiatives and channel development. Janis is famous for his creative, innovative thinking. He’s not all work, Janis is an avid wakeboarder and loves water sports.

  • Anta Laze
    Anta Laze
    Financial Analyst

    Anta is taking care of Mailigen’s finances, creating complex excel sheets and workbooks that help to manage daily operations and make future predictions. Anta’s favorite summer leisure activities are swimming and outdoor sports; in winter she likes skating and cross-country skiing.

  • Juris Urtans
    Juris Urtans
    Senior Developer

    Juris has been in our team ever since we remember and is the main creator of the Mailigen system. Thanks to him, we continue to represent world class innovative marketing solutions. Juris still holds responsibility for administering servers, upgrading systems and making sure emails get sent out. He loves fishing and traveling.

  • Austris Mackus
    Austris Mackus
    Backend Developer

    Austris is interested in modern technologies as well as ancient traditions. He sees his professional future in programming and IT, but in his free time he’s into pagan traditions and learning sword-fighting. Austris enjoys hiking, active lifestyle and traveling when it involves something more than taking selfies next to famous monuments.

  • Dzintra Gaile
    Dzintra Gaile
    Customer Success Manager

  • Aleksandrs Vilums
    Aleksandrs Vilums
    Email Delivery Team Leader

    Besides supervising the Delivery Team and helping them succeed, Aleksandrs is also responsible for the operation of Mailigen's Email Delivery systems that provide good delivery and deliverability globally. Aleksandrs is goal oriented - he likes making to-do lists to accomplish more. In his free time, he enjoys reading books about personal growth and relaxing in nature.

  • Janis Punovskis
    Janis Punovskis
    Email Delivery Specialist

    Along with the email delivery team, Janis takes care of every email campaign sent from the Mailigen platform to reach recipients. He is very diligent, responsible, and precise: that's why we feel safe trusting him with email delivery solutions. Janis is interested in sports, he loves playing basketball.

  • Janis Brugis
    Janis Brugis
    Email Delivery Specialist

    Janis’ main responsibility is to ensure every client's email campaign lands in inbox folders. Janis likes variety, so he takes email delivery as a challenge to be undertaken with enthusiasm. Janis has a great sense of humor, he is both positive and enthusiastic in aiming for goals at work and on the basketball court.

  • Janis Geranins
    Janis Geranins
    Account Manager

    By being very accurate, polite, and open, Janis quickly finds a common language with each Mailigen client. We are not surprised at this, because he refers to customers as his favorite aspect of job. In his spare time, Janis pursues a variety of activities, from reading and picking mushrooms, to watching movies and playing video games.

  • Juris Vucans
    Juris Vucans
    Email Marketing Specialist

    With the mission to make local companies use only high quality email marketing and follow the best industry practices, Juris not only manages our email campaigns but also, consults on them. He is a great support for our clients. He is also the heart of the office and is noted for being sporty, funny and a real gentleman.

  • Stepans Golovko
    Stepans Golovko
    Project Manager

  • Gints Branks
    Gints Branks
    Mailigen Champion

  • Ginta Kupse
    Ginta Kupse
    Email Marketing Specialist

  • Sandis Mukans
    Sandis Mukans
    Marketing Manager

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