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Manoj Mahajan

Information Technology

What do you like best?

We are using Mailigen service from June 2013 and happyli renewed this year also! The great teamwork and hard effort sees in every step - support to account related issue - we got it solved in 15 minutes max.

We have migrated from AWS based email hosting (AWS mailing plan + contact based 3rd party system) to Mailigen because these guys are taking care of every step we need in good mail delivery. Now we can concentrate on mail designing along with other our business than complexity in maintaining email delivery.
Mailigen takes every step very well like spam score, subject guidelines and good delivery.
Thank you Mailigen.

Robin Johnson


What do you like best?

In addition to the ease of using Mailigen and their wonderful reporting statistics, what I really like best is their excellent customer service. I always feel well cared for by their team and they are extremely helpful in resolving any questions or concerns.

Sandis Kondrats


What do you like best?

I love the simplicity of the interface, how easy is to create and run campaigns, and pricing. The product has all in one solution for newsletter campaigns as well automatic emails for the SaaS solutions. I love the product as it has saved ton of time and nerves, while developing my business.

Jen Willett

Food Production

What do you like best?

The technology is responsive, staff always responds to my inquiries in a timely manner, and newsletters don't get filtered as "junk mail" to subscribers. Love it.


Renewables & Environment

What do you like best?

What I like best is that I have all tools to run an email marketing as complex as I want in a clear, fast and easy to use platform.

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