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10 E-mail Marketing Tips

Nothing would please your marketing ROI more than E-mail marketing, for a reason that E-mail marketing adds value to your customers, it is a cost effective and very valuable tool. Not only it is an interactive tool for attracting and reaching out to customers, but also precise aimed weapon in the digital marketing channel. When you are trying to launch a new campaign or start a successful e-mail marketing project, make sure your target audience accept your offer, and to achieve best email marketing results follow these 10 simple E-mail Marketing Tips:

1. Permission First

E-mail marketing works best when people have subscribed and requested email from you. It should be easy to unsubscribe as it is a legal compliance matter and you maintain your brand reputation. Besides permission, you should present your company name or contact address and keep it consistent to remind the reader who you are in case they have forgotten, usually in 6 month time, subscribers don’t even remember where they signed up for your newsletter..

2. Right Targeting – Understanding Reader

Think about who is your target customer you are going to reach prior sending any emails out. This should be surveyed and really known before sending an e-mail marketing because you need to screen, update you database and
then personalize your message.

3. Attractive Subject Line

There are several factors your readers consider before deciding to read or ignore your e-mail message when you are trying to launch your campaign. Between 5 to 10 words in your subject line are important to catch readers eyes and grab their attention enough to open your e-mail.

4. Quick & Clear Message

In general, only 6 sentences and 3 seconds could draw readers’ attention. If the content inside is too long, they will ignore and delete your e-mail. Moreover, you should not type all CAPS or multiple exclamation marks within your message.

5. Completed Layout

Layout is one of very important things today, the way you present your campaign tells your client a lot. Most of e-mail applications today are capable of handling HTML emails, you should consider investing time in building your own branded template. Your own email template will quickly remind your subscriber about who you are, it should be attractive enough to scroll down, short and right to the point. Check your email every time before sending, test it – whether it shows broken links or broken images, send couple test emails to your self at least. Nothing can be worse than a “broken” message.

6. Include a link back. Create opportunity

Use a back link in your e-mail newsletter, invite your readers back to your business website as it creates new opportunities, increasing traffic, getting customers back to make a purchase and connecting with them.

7. Right time to send E-mail Newsletter – Delivery Time

Periodic delivery has to be scheduled as a standard for any email marketing campaign. Best time to send emails to your readers really depends on your business and niche, but some of the best open rates as well as click through are measured around 4-6 p.m. This can vary depending on your business. Best days – Tuesday to Thursday or Friday
evening and Sunday afternoon. Be careful if you have customers in different time zones. Recommendation would be to segment or group your mailing lists according to the Time Zones, otherwise there is no point on planning the best time of delivery.

8. Include Forward-to-Friend or Social Networking Options

To create a better response rate, your e-mail message should be easy to forward to anyone who your readers think would be interested in this message.

9. Passionate Benefits

When finding new e-mail message in a mailbox, readers always think about valuable insights. Once you use a clear message and provide something extra that would be a great value to them, this increases response on your campaign dramatically.

10. Build and Manage e-mail List

Buying an e-mail list and sending them your offers is spamming, these people never asked for your email. It is necessary for professional company to build a list by inviting your existing and prospect customers to subscribe to your news letter from your web site. It is easy to do this by providing a special offer to them.

10 E-mail Marketing Tips
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