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10 Must-Haves of SMS Marketing

Mailigen SMS marketing

The new services available on our smartphones in this mobile era are expanding rapidly. Mobile Internet, a never-ending list of applications… yet the SMS function is still there and can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy. Why should you use text messaging marketing and how to make it more effective?

Get an extremely high ROI from SMS marketing

Text messages are read within 5 seconds of their reception, according to They ensure an extremely high open rate of up to 100% and an engagement rate that is 6-8 times higher than that of email marketing. But in conjunction with an email marketing strategy, text messaging marketing will bring you even higher returns on investment. Mailigen offers a common platform for email and SMS marketing. So, how do you get the most of it?

Go for an action-oriented SMS marketing strategy

Some of our most experienced clients shared their skill sets at the Mailigen breakfast event on SMS marketing.

  • Combine both! Make your marketing campaigns more effective by combining email marketing with text messaging in one common strategy. Use email to inform, educate and give additional details, and text messages to remind or create urgency.
  • Enrich your database! Use online surveys or profile update forms to enrich your email list with mobile phone numbers. And vice versa –in text messages ask the customer to send back their email addresses in order to perform both marketing methods in your communication.
  • Keep it short! Form your message in 160 characters, not only to save on marketing costs but also to make sure your message is crystal-clear in the blink of an eye.
  • Start with the most important! Begin your message with the strongest keywords as they will be seen on smartphones even before opening the message.
  • Call to action! Go to your shop and buy, visit your homepage, register for an event or make a call? Make sure your message clearly expresses what you want your recipients to do after reading the message.
  • Add a phone number! If you want your recipients to call a phone number other than that used as a sender ID, include it in the message text.
  • Include a link! Now SMS is not only a text, so guide them directly from the text message to your landing page. The Mailigen SMS platform enables automatic link shortening and tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Select the right time! The best time for sending text message campaigns is at noon or shortly before the end of a working day. But if your business is international, segment your audience and send messages to each of the groups at the right time. Nobody would be happy about receiving an SMS in the middle of the night.
  • Segment your audience! Use segmentation also by interests, needs, location, behavior, status in your business lifecycle or any other criteria to send relevant and personalized messages to your audience.
  • Personalize your message! Use merge tags of a name, company or other to better address your recipients.

Let’s get started

Because it is always with us, the mobile phone is more personal than any other marketing channel, so be careful and use it appropriately. Development of a smart and well-considered SMS marketing strategy would be best before going live. Combined with email marketing, text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools that may significantly grow your business. Make use of these must-haves to get the most of the Mailigen combined email and SMS marketing platform!

10 Must-Haves of SMS Marketing
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  • James Croom

    Thanks for this great topic. I was finding for this what you exactly wrote. Waiting for you next topic.

  • Frank Hunt

    SMS marketing have indeed worked well for a numerous number of organizations. Below are some tips for getting the most out of your SMS marketing campaign.

    Ask Permission, allowing for an opt-in decision
    Short. Simple. Sweet messages
    Focus on Exclusivity
    Understand Timeliness. Frequency is Key.
    Integrate With Other Marketing Strategies
    Analyze Your Results

  • Mailigen

    Thanks for the useful tips, Frank! We’ll soon prepare more updated content on the topic.

  • Timing is the crucial for the BUlk sms service that’s how it is diffrentiate and so successful from other marketing campaigns

    nice article by the way!

  • Very impressed with the tips shared on SMS marketing

  • Mailigen

    Thank you, Joanna! Will write more on that topic soon.

  • Mailigen

    Thank you!

  • David Bane

    Great post! To add to this knowing how often to text the person too much and your unsubscribe rate goes up. Found this SMS marketing guide which has a few good tips as well

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  • Can’t thank enough. I’ll help my clients of SMSinBD with these tips for sure.

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