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15 Proven Tips for Your Christmas Email Campaign

The most magical time of the year has taken over our minds and to-do lists. Yes, Christmas is almost here and we want to help you make the most of it! These 15 expert tips will make your Christmas email campaign stand out and yield outstanding results!

Christmas is the time of the year when you can afford more effort than usual … much more, in fact. Through the use of fairytale-like designs, your emails can deliver customers to a wonderland of choice. You can fulfill your dream of being Santa Claus by providing your customers with something that they have always wanted, giving them that warm and cozy holiday feeling by letting them know how very special they are to you.

Before you roll out your Christmas campaign…

#1 Have a flashback of the previous year

Take note of what you did last year. Review and learn what worked, what didn’t and how you can improve your email campaign results this year.

#2 Research what others do

What did your competitors do last year? What are they most likely to do this year? Is your plan better than that of your competitors? Take into account their strengths and weaknesses and perform better!

#3 Create a strategy and set measurable goals

Start the planning process with what you want to achieve from the email campaign and how you want to do it. Otherwise, how will you know that you have succeeded and what you should improve on the next year? Use our Email Marketing Campaign Planner to plan and perform your best Christmas email campaign ever!

Sending must go on…

#4 Segment and treat differently

During the holiday season, you can increase your emailing frequency. However, instead of increasing the frequency for all emails, be smart about targeting and segmentation. You shouldn’t send emails to your inactive contacts at the same frequency as to your engaged contacts. Perform engagement-based segmentation and communicate with active contacts, for example, once or twice a week; for inactive contacts, segment this to once a month. Focus on prospective new clients and on those that click more often but are not converting.

#5 Run advent-type email campaigns

Surprise your recipients with offers, gifts and other extras every day by running an advent-type campaign. This will take a little extra time and planning but will really level up recipient engagement.

Advent type email campaign

#6 Send emails in favor of your branding

Sending emails is not always about opening and responding to your call to action. Emailing is also a branding channel and a direct response channel. Recipients see your name and your subject line in their inbox whether or not it gets opened or clicked on, and this is beneficial to your business. You can therefore afford sending more emails than usual. During the busiest retail period of the year – definitely!

Start with a subject line…

#7 Focus on your subject line

If branding is not enough, you should put extra effort into your subject line. Indeed, many marketers spend a significant amount of time and money on creating the perfect email design, while in reality, emails are opened and seen by only 10% of recipients. The rest of the 90% see nothing of this creativity, only the subject line. Remember that emails are opened based on how [un]successful your subject line is.

#8 Squeeze out the maximum with testing

Extreme test your subject lines using A/B split tests! If you work hard on your subject line, you will have several options to choose from for your subject line. Spending an extra 30 seconds conducting an A/B split test on the subject line will be worth it.

#9 Create a sense of urgency

Although the Christmas period lasts for at least one month, all the sales campaigns targeted at this period must be conducted long before the advent of the holidays. Create a sense of urgency with the subject line announcing the last chance for free shipping or guaranteed delivery up to Christmas.

What’s good inside your email…

#10 Responsive design is a must

Mobile- and tablet-friendly emails are no longer a recommendation; it is now absolutely critical for marketers to include these options. If your subject line performs well and the email gets opened, it must display correctly and be readable on any device.

Responsive Christmas email design

Hey, we have something really awesome for you! Check out our responsive template gallery full of new Christmas-themed designs!

#11 Include videos and other design aspects

Greeting videos, animated gifs, super creative email template designs and social media interaction – the Christmas email campaign is the perfect opportunity to use all the tools that might seem too daring for regular emails.

The right campaign for the right audience…

#12 Consider purchase history

The end of the year is the most lucrative period for seasonal purchases. Consider who bought your products at a similar time the year before and prepare a compelling offer for these customers. Additionally, from your campaign list, remove customers who have recently purchased your products. Nobody likes to receive a better offer on the same product right after they have purchased it.

#13 Proceed with wish lists

It’s no secret that the majority of wish lists are never fulfilled. Indeed, the more purchases, the more abandoned shopping carts. It is therefore time to run follow- up campaigns directed at those who have abandoned their shopping carts, which should also be targeted at the non-openers and non-clickers of your email campaigns. Make use of campaign management tools to run them automatically!

And don’t forget…

#14 Put yourself in Santa’s shoes

Christmas email campaigns are not only about selling. It is also the best moment (for some marketers, the only opportunity) to think about gathering customer feedback, sending e-cards, video greetings, gifts, free shipping and returns and other unique offers that make you a real Santa in the eyes of your customers.

#15 Create a fairytale-like Christmas campaign all together

We believe emailing is not the only channel useful for your business, especially at Christmas! Join forces with advertising, public relations, customer management and other marketing-oriented teams to work together on your fairytale Christmas campaign and receive results better than ever!

Christmas email campaign

Make use of our 15 tips and let them provide you with your most effective Christmas email campaign to date! For more expert tips, download out latest how-to-guide, Holiday Guide to Email Marketing! Of course, our Mailigen elves are also here to help you with your Santa work!

15 Proven Tips for Your Christmas Email Campaign
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