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How Far Can You Go? 3 Scenarios on How to Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish. To receive higher open rates and click-through rates, better engagement and ROI, an effective email marketing strategy is needed. Let’s look at three email marketing strategies. What level is your current strategy at and how can you improve it?

Scenario #1 – Focus On Regular Email

How to recognize this scenario? The focus is on sending simple email campaigns. Prepare, send, then take a quick look at statistics, and continue sending emails on a regular basis. Maybe that’s you at the beginner stage of email marketing?

email marketing strategy

When do we use it?

The first scenario usually appears when the company has just started email marketing or hasn’t yet realized its real potential. The primary goal is to sell, so email content is mainly promotional. Promotional emails motivate buying by informing about new products and discounts.

Databases, email campaigns and reports are three main components of this email marketing strategy. The only integration is importing a database. Email campaign optimization is also rarely performed.

What’s good and bad about it?

It’s simple to perform and saves a lot of time. But when it comes to long-term performance, this email marketing strategy is likely to fail. Email campaign results are measured only by email open rates and email click-through rates. Open rates rarely exceed 15 %. Moreover, up to 50 % of subscribers may become inactive in six months if following this scenario. So it’s very common for the campaign results fall over time.

How to improve it?

As this is the simplest scenario, there are plenty of email marketing tactics you can use.

  • If your subscribers have become inactive, create reengagement campaigns to get them back.
  • If they want to opt out, ask for their feedback at the unsubscribe step to use their input for further improvements.
  • Make sure you send your email campaigns at the right time. If your list is international, turn on Mailigen’s time match feature.
  • Rethink your email design and go for a responsive email design to reach your mobile readers.
  • Grow your database with sign-up forms or use a landing page to generate leads.

Although we call it a beginner strategy, lots of marketers struggle in this scenario for too long. So if you want email marketing strategies that work, let’s move on!

Scenario #2 – Result Optimization

You focus on improvement of results. By using various email marketing tactics, you work hard to optimize campaign results. For you, email marketing is not only about interacting with existing contacts, but also about gathering new subscribers and building a bigger audience.

Sending promotional emails

What is it like?

This scenario is widely used among marketers. The goal is to get the maximum results out of your emails, so the content is both promotional and informative. Newsletters, promotional emails, e-cards and other types of emails combine together in one common strategy on a regular basis.

There are more components in this strategy, for example, databases, email campaigns, reports, segmentation and landing pages. Sign-up forms and landing pages are used to generate leads and enrich the database. Segmentation by demographics is used to split the database and send relevant content to each of the groups, thus improving open and click-through rates.

What results can you expect from it?

Using this strategy, you can receive the industry standards, at least. Open rates are between 16 % and 25 %. You take into account open rates, click-through rates, forwards and unsubscribes. In addition, you look at geo location statistics, and engagement of mobile and desktop readers. This allows you to have an overall view of the success of your email performance.

How to proceed with improvements?

Marketers often stop at this level and therefore miss lots of opportunities. To boost this scenario, you should perform a deeper analysis.

  • Rethink your list building strategy. Profit from both web sign-up forms and specially created landing pages.
  • Use different sign-up forms by design and location, track them and find out which works best for you.
  • How many sign-up form fields yield the best lead conversions and gives you most demographic data? Use fewer fields if a shorter form works better.
  • Integrate online surveys after subscription into your email marketing strategy to gather additional data about your subscribers and feedback for further improvements.
  • Segment by subscriber action (opens and clicks) to estimate their engagement and communicate accordingly.
  • Use A/B split test to optimize your email subject line, from name, email content and sending time.

Not a bad to-do list, is it? It will help you to approach the third scenario and get better results.

Scenario #3 – Relationship Building

Well, this is what we call a perfect scenario! Here the focus is on creating relationships with your audience. From the moment of awareness until loyalty, you communicate with your audience through their whole lifecycle.

build customer loyalty

How does it work?

If it has not yet been started, this scenario is definitely worth approaching. The goal is to get loyal customers. Email content includes promotional, informative and educational material. You mix up newsletters, promotional emails, postcards and other bulk emails with autoresponders, e-commerce and other transactional emails.

Your email strategy consists of numerous components such as databases, email campaigns, reports, sign-up forms, landing pages, online surveys, A/B split tests, integration, segmentation, autoresponders, social media, dynamic content and RSS campaigns. Segmentation is more detailed, email content is highly relevant, time is saved by email automation and continuous tests are run to optimize your email performance.

How far can you go?

In this strategy, you have to invest more time and resources than in any of the others, but each minute invested is worth it. Open rates rise from 26 % to, yes, even 99 % for welcome emails. You take into consideration all the possible campaign statistics, and, what is more important, you analyze them on a regular basis.

How to continue succeeding?

This scenario is obviously more time-consuming and thus provides more advantages than any other. But even though your strategy is above average, there is always space for perfecting it.

  • Do not stop at simple email marketing. The Mailigen integrated marketing platform offers more than basic solutions for email marketing. It offers email, mobile marketing and social media integration features, as well as transactional email services and various integrations with other platforms that you can use to achieve higher engagement.
  • Do not stop improving your strategy. Marketers often invest a lot of time in creating a perfect email marketing strategy. Then they start using it and forget about it. In email marketing, as in any other form of communication, you need to be up to date. For example, integrate upcoming events or seasonal topics in your autoresponders.
  • You already know how important testing is, so create a plan for email testing. Instead of occasional tests, perform a series of regular tests for each email element separately, then combine the winners and continue perfecting your email strategy.

Summarize the current performance

Whatever your current email marketing strategy is, you should deeply analyze results of your previous campaigns before you start any improvements. An effective email marketing strategy is a basis for reaching your email marketing goals step-by-step. A thoughtful email marketing plan guarantees the growth of your brand – product awareness, increased sales and customer loyalty. Deep analysis and regular testing will eventually bring you email marketing strategies that work for your business perfectly.

When you are done with email marketing strategies, the next step is email campaign planning. For easier campaign planning, Mailigen provides an email marketing campaign planning tool. Make full use of this five-step guide to help you plan, produce, test, deliver and follow up your email marketing campaigns.

If you need any help with email marketing strategies, our experts at Mailigen are always here to assist you. Contact our team and we will help you create a strategy for your unique needs and management of your email marketing campaigns.

How Far Can You Go? 3 Scenarios on How to Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategy
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