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3 Ways to Drive Results with Email + SMS

Text messaging is a direct marketing channel with extremely high open rates and ROI. According to a Placecast survey, released in May 2012, 1 in 4 or 26% of those who signed up for text messages admit the received information has led them to purchase a promoted product. While not a staggering number, that’s 26% more sales than you would receive without the text messaging campaign. That can really add up over multiple campaigns.

As a smart email marketer, merging the two direct marketing channels of email and SMS can drive outstanding results. Mailigen’s platform offers you both email and SMS marketing, so you can get started with SMS list building and basic steps in SMS campaign development. Then, continue with email integration for an integrated campaign.

Follow our 3 examples on how to effectively merge your email and texting strategies.

1. When email and SMS communicate one message

Have you ever received a promo email, shortly followed by the same message sent as a text message to your mobile phone? I have experienced this multiple times and I always wonder about lack of optimization.

How to create an optimized email + SMS campaign?

  • First, send an email marketing campaign.
  • Give respondents a couple of days to open and click through your message.
  • Look thoroughly at the results and create a segment of unopened newsletters.
  • Finally, send a text message only to those who have not opened your newsletter, not to your entire database.

This process provides two main benefits. First, your message will be read by the maximum number of people in your audience. Second, you will not have to overpay for double messaging.

2. When email and SMS differ

Sometimes marketers want to send both email and SMS regularly, communicating different content through each channel, which is an excellent strategy. Email is a better channel for informing customers about the company or educating them on industry issues, whereas text messages are better for promoting immediate sales.

But don’t bombard your customers! Mobile is considered to be more personal than email. People will be more irritated if they receive text messages too frequently than they would in receiving emails too frequently.

How to effectively communicate via SMS?

  • Before starting your text messaging campaign, analyze your database and their activity for email newsletters thoroughly.
  • Segment your audience according to their activity (regarding opens, clicks etc.).
  • Don’t send SMS messages to nonactive email readers. Instead, try reaching those readers through reengagement campaigns.
  • Send SMS messages to active email readers by offering them compelling and immediate information.

By practicing segmentation, you prove to be an attentive and recipient-oriented marketer who takes the habits, needs, and expectations of others into account. Customers will love it!

3. When email interacts with SMS

With the active recipients, you can try even more exciting and interactive communication tactics. Create an email + SMS campaign where people have to switch from one channel to another to get more benefit.

Engage your audience with campaigns encouraging activity, such as “the more active you are, the more you get.” For example:

  • Send an email campaign with an invitation to reply to the email in order to receive a text message containing a special code recipients can use at participating shops to receive an exclusive discount.
  • Send a text message with an invitation to reply to the SMS in order to have an e-book sent to their email address.
  • After someone subscribes to your SMS list, send him a text message to sign up for your email list as well; and vice versa.

This is a good strategy to accustom your audience to both email and SMS sending in the future.

Last Thought

Since different marketing channels and technologies develop in a rapidly progressive way, marketers can no longer perform one strategy only. Instead of practicing single email or single texting, they profit from integrated marketing that combines different channels – email, SMS and others.

Fortunately, Mailigen has made it super easy for you to perform integrated marketing campaigns thanks to its new email + social + mobile platform.

If you have any questions or need our assistance in creating integrated email and SMS campaigns, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

3 Ways to Drive Results with Email + SMS
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