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4 Deadliest Mistakes Email Marketers Make When Gathering Subscribers

If you have decided to start driving traffic to your web to try and get email subscribers, you must first sort out your web to actually have visitors become interested in your newsletter. There are some particular patterns (or traps, so to say) that email marketing beginners often follow, only to see their efforts fail and the future campaigns bring weak results. In this article, we’ll try to list the five deadliest mistakes that email marketers can make when starting their campaign. We’ll, of course, give some tips on how to avoid them, too.

1. No content on the page that gathers subscribers.

As a rule, if you have a website that has an e-mail newsletter, before you attempt driving traffic to your website, you should have at least some good five pages of relevant content that the visitor can see. No content on the page will scare the visitor away — and if you paid for the visit, it makes the matters even worse.

2. The visitor has no idea how regularly the emails will be sent.

The visitor has become interested in your web page. Be proud, because it takes a quite impressive website (meaning it has either good looks or exceptional content or both) for attracting subscribers. Now, if there isn’t even a slight mention of how often they’ll receive your emails after subscribing? For example, mention that they are subscribing to a “biweekly” or “weekly” newsletter. Of course, this doesn’t limit you from sending special offers on occasion.

3. The subscription form is invisible.

Marketing eventually comes down to whether or not you yourself believe that the customer should be interested in your services. If you want a solid userbase that has trust in your services, you must first have some trust in the value of your content, too (“first, love yourself…”), so make the form easily accessible. Even if you don’t believe that your potential customers are receiving value from you, it’s a good idea to have the subscription form in a clearly visible region of you web–albeit don’t make it too blatant.

4. Make a sound statement that you will only deliver relevant information.

To eventually convert your emails to sales (or more visits, or whatever your aim for the mailing list is), you must have trust, and what could be better than having it right off the bat? Of course, if you promise them that the emails will contain only relevant content, it’s still just a promise, but what if you deliver some exclusive relevant content after the subscription? It is hard to build trust, but trust is what you want from every single subscriber; relevant content builds trust, irrelevant content diminishes it.

4 Deadliest Mistakes Email Marketers Make When Gathering Subscribers
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